A Guide to Subversive Parenting


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Advice is one thing but the government is striving for new lows in creating mandates and laws that actually seem to create more barriers between parents and children rather than strengthen these relationships. As if the state were actually capable of genuine love, which first and foremost encapsulates everything children could need to become functional in an unforgiving world. In the 11 years since the shootings at Columbine High School, just about all 50 states have taken steps to ensure that our children are safe by creating an environment not unlike a modern maximum security prison. If developing trust with kids were not hard enough, many kids are now born into a world which must control them rather than truly educate them. These articles show how the state wants to take command and control of child rearing to the next level... start it at the home. After all, in the eyes of the state, su casa es mi casa.