The Greatest Jihad


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Cheers DP Thinker,
Having been exposed the a plethora of news clips, journalist and other media I take a very reserved position regarding radical muslims. Having read the piece a thought occurred to me. If we imagine for a moment that the U.S. makes a miraculous conversion to any one of the offered -isms would there be any significant change in the Radical Muslim's desire to stop viewing us as the great evil of the world, or would they continue to attack us anywhere we happened to be. For me and my house I don't see them changing one bit but would infiltrate this nation heavily with bombs and weapons and continue with their holy Jihad against Americans, until just about all of us were dead, and th Jews faced with another Nazi nightmare all over again?

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Thanks for the questions. In order to answer them I think we need to see what premises we are both using. First, why do you believe Radical Muslim’s want to attack the US? Why are they attacking the US instead of say, Brazil?
Why do Muslims view us as the “great evil of the world”?
Let’s start with that and then we can answer the question of if they would stop if we converted to one of the –isms.


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Well, Um, uh, exactly why they don't like us is that we have everything they don't have would be one thing as freedom, despite the limited nature we do have it is more than they have. Probably also because the U.S. has backed Israel and most Arabs, or middle easterners don't like us for that. Part of it too is a history that has developed. The U.S. has provided aide, but I guess that's not enough. Actually what I know comes from media news Fox and internet sites. I am certain there a a ton more reasons, The Koran, which I have read, does refer to usens as faggots to be burned. Ask me the sources? Well, uh, um anecdotal mostly. I don't know any Muslims personally but my wife has worked for a couple and they tend to be rather nasty towards women. I know one gentelman who's daughter married a Muslim. He forced her to follow all the Muslim traditions. When she gave him kids he up and left with them never to be seen or heard from again, then of course there are the true stories which have been presented. Ask me the source? Uh, um, well. I guess the credibility of where I obtained the information. I watch them on t.v. burning the flag (which does not fret me) but then they yell out death to all Americans. I don't speak middel eastern so I have to rely upon the translations. Lets start with this one and as you imply work our way down the list for in my perspective if the U.S. falls apart we are going to be opened up for blanket attacks. I am going to send you my e-mail through a personal should you perfer to dialogue this. For me and my computers it takes for ever for a reply or a pm to take off. I can damned near fix a meal before it goes. P.S I am not editing this so there are some obvious mistakes. I just got home and my lap top said equipment is down. I am on the desk top so I am hoping the lap is back. I am quiet eager to listen to or read your position.
I am noticing that I have not answered your question. Why not Brazil. Well. What do they have that they don't. Do they provide aide there, I don't know. Do they support Israel? Probably not. I cannot answer anything regarding Brazil except that I know where it is.

Stay safe, stay we.. and watch your six.