The Government Won't Make America Great Again


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No political authority will ever make anybody "great". Ever.

There is no such thing as "limited government". Government is a malignancy that will always metastasize. Always. No constitution or bill (of "rights"?) or formal agreement signed by psychopaths can ever change that.

If you read FEE's article (I think that might be on another post) you can read Sam's comment there. But I'll repeat it here:

    Why is it that conventional thinking in regard to "secession" always seems to default to the collectivist? "The Group", or "The Political Relationship" are generally what come to mind as the entities needed to secede.

    I am a sovereign state. I've seceded.

    I recognize one "jurisdiction", and one only: a loaded firearm. I have to believe the man with the loaded gun. Or woman -- l-rd have mercy! I treat all "authority" in the the same manner I treat rattlesnakes: with due caution. Where practical, I'll always keep my distance from threat, and will form my own action plans. Of course, knowing snakes as I do, I'm aware that they will try to evade me prior to confrontation. Not so with your revered authorities. So it is necessary for me to develop more in the way of circumnavigation skills when evading or dealing with them.

    I do not petition (beg) presumed authorities to allow me to be free. They won't. That's the nature of authority. The authority rests upon "voluntary compliance". I do not comply -- not voluntarily, I don't. Expatriation is not in my vocabulary.

    I want you to like me. Knowing that, you can be confident that I will treat you and those you love with respect and courtesy. But I would do that before I seceded. It just makes common sense.

    Freedom is using common sense.

I'm sorta glad to see Trump "win" (a dubious "victory" indeed), if for no other reason than -- well, here, I'll use Simon Black's wordage:

    "It’s almost comical to suggest there was any semblance of objectivity throughout the entire cycle.

    "Hillary Clinton had the full and unabashed backing of the entire media establishment.

    "And the banking establishment. And the political establishment. And countless billionaires, Hollywood celebrities, rock stars, international press, foreign leaders, and even the President of the United States.

    "Yet all of those big guns proved to be ineffective against a citizenry that’s fed up with the status quo".

But I have no hope that Trump will change your or my life for the better -- any more than would have Clinton.

My hope is that those bickering and niggling over trifles here at STR cease and desist and come to see the challenge at hand. Sam