Good Cops Do Exist / There Are No Good Cops


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I'll withhold my "vote" on the good cop/bad cop debate until the folks over at FEE provide an ancillary debate: "Good Monopolies Do Exist/There Are No Good Monopolies".

As kids in government ("public" ha ha) schools, we were taught that monopolies are bad, that they make the fat-cats rich. "We" need government regulation and "anti-trust" laws to keep the rich from becoming super-rich.

Many years later I came to see what should have been obvious at age 5: that tripe was taught by psychopaths who make up the most egregious monopoly on earth (and in the history of the earth). Monopoly cannot occur in a free marketplace. "Fat-cats" can only be made rich through "regulation" by those same lunatics hiding under the umbrella called "government" -- the very folks who provided the curriculum and forced us to attend their "schools" (and/or "schools" regulated by them) under threat of violence. Then taught us monopolies are bad.

Think I'll head back to my cave now. Sam