Global Warming: Unadulterated Nonsense, Stinging Snobbery and Perverted Thoughts


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I like this article in light of what Lawrence M. Ludlow has recently written. O'Neill's statements do not appear to be merely anti-Left or anti-environmental, but crafted to drive home the point that some of the predictions of the global warming crowd have been deflated. He rightly points out that the goal is not actually to save the planet (where actual environmentalism would be helpful), but to be part of the elite.

It reminds me of that multi-million-dollar miniseries on the BBC: "Planet Earth." Stunning photography, and each episode featured numerous creatures killing other creatures without conscience (but we must still save their habitats!). Global warming was a stern warning at the end of almost every episode... except the one about forests in the northern hemisphere.

You see, the forests in Russia are known for their long, harsh winters. The wonderful furry creatures who kill without conscience that inhabit that area have very little food during the winter. It's a struggle just to survive. Would global warming make things easier for those kitties? Probably. So we won't bring it up in this episode.

Unimagined, actual problems with pollution are simply ignored, so that us peons can be lectured to endlessly. As much as I enjoyed the photography (and the surprisingly good soundtrack), I doubt that "Planet Earth" will ever be part of Fake TV.