Freedom Map


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Thankfully, when I (finally) came to anarchy, I was not so naive as to think there was anything like a "freedom index" where predators were fewer, more far between, or more tame. If I were to move to a place with fictitious borders commonly referred to by the unwashed masses as "Florida", it would be because the weather is more amicable than say, a place also outlined by mythical lines and labeled by the uninformed as "New York".

I prefer my old home location called "south central Texas", because I enjoy not only the weather, but also the sparsity of people. Interestingly, the folks over at that foundation (whatever that's supposed to mean) calling themselves "John Locke" have "found" Texas in its entirety to be rated "#12" (presuming that if I moved another 600 or so miles up to that cold and barren piece of earth labelled "Oklahoma" I would become more free by a factor of around 34% -- but would have to suffer the red dust and the dull traders :-]).

My mantra is this: if I'm gonna be free, I gotta be free. Wherever I go there will be psychopaths, virtually all of whom will attempt to limit my freedom in one way or another. That is a factor built into that “social chaology" (thanks, Lawrence Samuels) that is so important to accept if one is to be truly free.

My observation is that if "libertarians" would concentrate on encouraging their families and friends and neighbors to abstain from beans, freedom would become more entertaining for them.