Freedom’s Just Another word


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I don't pay any state taxes, it's an age related thing, but I was saddened to see my state rankes in at around 34 on freedom.
I find it interesting that you can rank freedom, but given the possibility of a 1 through 50 scoring I guess it is not impossible. However, I did not believe that freedom could be ranked. You are either free or you are not, so even North Dakota is not free.
I struggle with this concept "freedom". My way of thinking (at this point) is that in a free society (if it ever gets there) will eventually be a governed society at some point. I say this because it is in the make up of the human being. Someone will always want to be leader and will plot and plan for that to be achieved just as people are plotting and planning to be free. I think fo "The Twilight of the Psychopaty" to which Samarami makes reference too.
Some where, sooner or later, there will be the psychopath to emerge and bring together a coalition of people to support the idea that the people need to be governed.
In closing I would like to publicly thank Samarami for his trust, support, kindness and enlightenment of the way. Thanks Samarami.