Former Cop: How to Talk to Police about Pot


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Interesting read and quiet enlightening regarding cops and pot. How many really think its a joke?

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Hi Glock,

If you are referring to the "drug war", the first word that comes to my mind is not, "joke." Calamity, disaster, inhuman, Machiavellian, disgusting, abhorrent, brutal, wasteful, shameful, racist, totalitarian wet dream, perverted, destructive...well none of those singly is sufficient, but taken together perhaps they come close. Joke, not so much.

What do you think?

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my referal to "joak" were refering to the cops attitude thake in that it ws a waste of their time to go after pot heads

**I am a fense splitter. Pot will be legal and controled like alcohol. It'a a shame the governmnet did not take advantage of this years ago. It would have given them the money and reduced our taxes. Cocain, herion, crack I have to put reservations on. Right now the FDA has put a squelch on perscription vicodin and hydrocodon and oxycodone, but it is supposedly because of the acetmiaphen in it (Liver damage) I am n oxy for chronic osteoarthritis back and limb pain, It is hell to survive this drop in dosage not that what I was receiving was helping a great deal, but I now understand what a one pill difference can make.

Actualy I believe most of the police believe pot should be treated like alcohol. At leas it dosen't make you have a hangover in the morning an feel like crap the way booze does, but I know someone who's smoked a long time and it has clearly fucked their brain up among other things.
Pot also gives the government a method of dumbing down the population to make their controal much easer and leave fewer people like us to rant about their wrong doings.

That's my temporary take on the issue. It is not a concreat ideology of mine yet. I go slower than most. Just so you know the asterisks at the head of my posts warns Jim Davies I wrote it and he dosent have to waste his time reading what he says. He and I have been in a piss match for several months like with Paul Bonneau. He has over 201 articles posted to STR? Its his persosnal publishing house.