Foodstamps Are Corporate Welfare


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This author doesn't quite go far enough, in my opinion. The so-called United States Government is the parent corporation, and the individual States and business organizations are its subsidiaries, foodstamps can be nothing but "corporate welfare".

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All government organizations have always been incestuously related to all businesses registered or licensed with said government organizations. Keep in mind we're dealing with abstractions. People act. Governments do not -- nor do "businesses". Only those men and women in decision-making and administrative roles act.

So I have difficulty empathizing with the angst and hand-wringing whenever somebody who comes up with these articles "discovers" actions by psychopaths organized into governments to be fraudulent.

Corporations are welfare. There would be no purpose in having a corporation if there were no political favoritism ("welfare").

As an ancient and long retired history teacher, I've seen corporatism to be the evolution from the beginning of recorded history. Ever since the marauding hordes came to recognize the efficacy of ceasing the practice, once they breached the walls of early cities, of raping the women, slaughtering all the men, women and children and piling the cadavers on the desert floor to rot, then leaving what they could not pilfer in burning ruins before moving on to the next conquest -- once they recognized the power and wealth to be acquired in forming governments ("kingdoms") the pattern had been set for corporations.

Those early leaders (millennia prior to the Bushes or Obamas) came to see what has been called "Stockholm Syndrome" as the norm. The conquered would come to love their emperors.

So, my fellow libertarians, do not fret. Survive and help those you love to endure.

And never, never, never expect sanity or benevolence from monopolistic organizations of crazy bastards who call themselves "Our-Great-Nation".



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speaking of state corporations...

reinventing government indeed

any thoughts?

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There is a video in today's STR list of posts entitled "Do The Math". At 6.41 there appears a quotation, or adagium, from David Rains Wallace:

    "Every time we exterminate a predator, we are in a sense creating a new predator"

That adage, although responding to a math problem, to me served as a response to your posted link -- the story of the "revamped and 'privatized' " swindle that has beset the folks in Salt Lake Valley and their enforced monopoly commonly called "law enforcement".

All predators grouped into that abstraction we call "government" will always multiply themselves geometrically.