Fixing Illegal Immigration


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The article has many very interesting points.

I disagree with the statement that “Black markets are anathema to a free society”. Black markets—which are, in fact, UNREGULATED markets—are the ESSENCE of a free society and they are the ONLY market that keeps people from starving in a heavily regulated society! Complete removal of the regulations would also eliminate the “Murder, theft, smuggling, and even slavery” which are ALL part and parcel of REGULATED markets.

I also note with interest—especially in the comments—the many calls for “respect the law” and “enforce the law” and “make the Feds do their job”. However, because ALL these Federal “laws”, rules, restrictions and regulations are themselves ILLEGAL, the solution is NOT reform but immediate REPEAL!

THAT would be true “enforcement of the law” and true “respect for the law”! The Constitution is SUPPOSED TO BE the supreme law of the country.

As I stated in my 2007 article by the same name: "Immigration control is UN-Constitutional!"

REALLY! It is TRUE! The US Constitution does NOT AUTHORIZE immigration control! Check it out at

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Black markets are illegal, and anything that is illegal carries with it the traits of violence and crime. Markets that are open to all to see are true markets. This article is spot on.