FDA Outlawing Injectable Vitamin C


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The powers that these agencies have acquired are allowed by the American People. Government can only exist if allowed by the majority. If the majority deny its existence and its policies, then it ceases to hold power, regardless of force and coercion that it may exert.

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The law of nature endows each of us with natural rights, and our most fundamental natural right is the right to justly acquired property. This "justly acquired property" includes, (but is not limited to), one's life and liberty. As a corollary[1] to these natural rights, nature has delegated to each of us the rightful "authority" to defend these rights, provided we have not given them up by forfeiture[2]. Any "authority" these agencies have acquired over any individual can only be allowed by that individual, the delegated "author" of those rights.

So, in summation, to say that the authority that these agencies have acquired over you, (and I realize you did not specifically say that), is "allowed by the American People", is simply not true. It is "allowed" by you, just as it was, at one time, "allowed" by me, and just as it is "allowed" by virtually every individual on the face of the planet.

"Power", i.e. force, on the other hand, is quite a different story.


[1] 3 anything that follows as a normal result ~ Webster's 1988 New World Dictionary of American English, page 311

[2] FOR'FEITURE, n. 1. The act of forfeiting; the losing of some right...by an offense, crime, breach of condition or other act. ~ Webster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language