FBI Shoots Up House of Unarmed People


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This sounds like a BATFE. They just fell down dead. There were no bullet wounds as the coronor counts out eighteen 5.56 and .45 holes in the body.
Nobody is responsible. [o]bama and his gang need to be sent to Mexico to stand trial for the murders of all the Mexican citizens killed from the Fast and Furious debacal "Depraved indifference, neglegent homicide, co-conspiricy to commit murder" as the FBI director needs to be accountable for the fluff up here. Charged with unlawful entry, endangerment of lives and etc

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All drug raids are "no-knock," whether specified on the warrant or not. (That's why they're called "raids.") And while "unarmed people" makes for a more arresting, as it were, headline, drugs and guns are found only AFTER the shooting stops. As long as this level of violence is considered acceptable against the guilty, expect it to continue against the innocent.

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By the grace of the Force may this too come to pass.