Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal


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Just imagine if every thing a person does is illegal.Do you think he would be able to survive without fear and doubt?I don't think so! Like for example,a person who escape in paying taxes.Of course there is a corresponding penalty for that.Among the big things which governs income tax rates and tax theory in general in these United States is something called the Laffer Curve - which makes sense since it is a real laugher. It was made popular by Jude Wanniski, a crony of Donald Rumsfield, Dick Cheney, and later, Reagan and Bush, and the debate goes that there's a midpoint of taxation rates which makes for optimal collection and use of tax funding, which is intended to be basically payday cash advances from the individuals to the government. It's distinctly tied to Keynesian economics, and the Austrians (free market, libertarian types - not Reagan, btw) dispute its efficacy.