EU To Vote On Proposal That Could Ban All Online Pornography


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Now that is cute. The lead in makes it sound worse than what it is. Only the members of parliment are blocking the e-mails. Huh!!

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I believe this might be the correct link for the heading. Here is an article from another source.

You can bet "authorities" are exploring every angle to impose themselves into the free exchange of ideas and information on the web -- to hinder and hopefully stop the exposure of the unwashed masses to truth (anti-propaganda).

Cain't have them anarchists runnin' wild and contaminatin' brains.

As I commented at a recent post, the sex game is the almighty sacred cow that can be and will be used to divide and conquer the troops. Of course there will be the age-old dilemma as to just what is porn that "they" have to "solve" (which further infringes upon liberty)

The parents on above linked story are now labeled "sex offenders". Forever. And ever.

Ho hum.