The Essential Rules of Liberty


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"If a government no longer fulfills its sworn duties to the people, and no longer serves the purposes to which it was originally intended, then it too must be cast off and replaced with one that does serve the people, or, it must be forced to return to its inherent foundations."

No thanks. It is evident governments serve some people quite nicely and always at the expense of others. I'm not looking for a new pair of shackles.

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G'day golefevre,

Am I to presume that you gave this a one-star-rating because you disagreed with that particular sentence? If so, isn't that a bit like throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

As a result of the one-star-rating I was forced to give this article a ten-star-rating in effort to raise it to a more appropriate level, because much of, if not most of, what Tyler Durden had to say in this article made total sense, and is, therefore, well worth reading.

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Then I'll try to offset the 10 rating with my 4.

Yes, what he says in the article is true, but nothing more than stating the obvious. Those of us that are aware enough to be liberty-minded (proven by even reading Strike the Root), this has all been said hundreds of times.

The author brought nothing new to the table, and seemed more intent on the inner reflections than actions to be taken.

While he's not wrong, this was nothing but a fluff piece. Sorry, that's my opinion.

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No need to apologize, FMAnarchist, you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. I do find it intriguing, however, that apparently my reply is the only thing you have found worthy of commenting on since joining STR over a year and half ago, particularly since a good many, if not a majority, of the articles here are "stating the obvious"; have been said "hundreds of times"; with "nothing new [brought] to the table"; and therefore, are, too, "nothing but...fluff" pieces.

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There are new seekers of liberty that may be reading Strike-the-Root for the first time.

So, I don't think you can ever state the obvious enough. The concepts of individual liberty and personal freedom are not obvious to everyone.

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Yeah, although the article is a bit too minarchist for my taste, I think it is a good one. Mike is right, you can't state the obvious too much; particularly since it is done in an environment where statism is by far the dominant theme.

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Am in agreement w/ all, evidently. Yes, continually re-stating the obvious then becomes the subconscious mantra for many. Myself included... so, should I recant? The piece was still "fluff".

My reply was not specifically against Suverans2, but in defense of the low rating. It seems I was misunderstood, and this was taken personally. Absolutely *not* my intention.

As far as this being my first response... I've been reading STR for *much* longer than I've been a member.

Very nice of you to notice my "tenure".