The End of U.S. Imperium—Finally!


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The USA, with the help of their western allies and the Saudies-the local certified experts for human rights, democracy and a moderate Islam- , had supported a spontaneous uprising of a vast majotity of the syrian people against an incredibly evil
dictator for the sake of freedom.(Or instigated a civil war to exchange one dictator against another one of their own choice)

And now the Freedomfighters are loosing.

Unlike the author I really dont believe in any kind of exceptionalism, so I dont think its some voting circus in
a congress or parliament or the will of the people that stopped the Warmachine but more likely the "feeble kleptocracy run by a loud-mouthed thief" Hand in Hand with "the Communist Party oligarchs in China that would face a devastating economic collapse
within months were they to attack their American markets for sneakers and Apples."

Bombing third world countries or big regular armies where the enemy is trying to defend/fight back with outdated Jets and Tanks
from the 1970ies can be real Fun.

But imagine one of the invincible F22 or tomahawks beeing shot down by an S300 built by a "feeble Kleptocracy"
Unlike some of your own infantry soldiers killed by friendly fire, that might put an ugly scratch in the Image of
superior military technology.