Eighth wonder of the world? The stunning temples secretly carved out below ground by 'paranormal' eccentric


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The agricultural city-State deforests and creates deserts. The towering cedar forests of Mesopotamia have been "developed" into the Iraqi desert.

One is forced to seek the sacred that Mother Earth provides so freely and in such abundance, whether in small underground refuges, as depicted in the article.

Or fantastical delusions.

Christianity is one delusion - a hope for a beautiful heavenly City.

Libertarianism is another delusion - the hope for a voluntary City.

Yet the promise of the City is like the promise of fiat money, a siren call of illusory wealth.

Fiat money spreads fear of honest finance, and promises to deliver people from the personal responsibility of accounting in balance with rational mathematics.

The City spreads fear-of-wilderness, and promises to deliver people from the personal responsibility of an honest living in balance with Mother Earth.

Both lies always eventually collapse.

While collapse is painful, it is an economizing process, and increases quality of life.*

Maybe after the collapse of agricultural city-Statism (civilization,) we won't have to dig underground to find the sacred.

* Thesis #20: Collapse is an economizing process.
Thesis #27: Collapse increases quality of life.
The Thirty Theses
by Jason Godesky