The Drug War's Mass Graves


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Listen to journalist Charles Bowden talk about the organized killing going on in Mexico, especially Juarez:
He says that most of it is out of the news because the police and the drug gangs have a common interest in keeping the body count down. The gangs maintain "death houses" throughout Juarez, where the torture and kill people, and then dispose of the bodies in lime pits.

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Please! This is NOT "drug-related" violence; it's DRUG WAR violence. Every day, millions of people buy, sell and use a variety of legal drugs, many produced in Mexico, without causing so much as a harsh word among suppliers. Because the link between "illegal drug trade" and "violence" isn't "drug." The link is "illegal." Drug cartels, drug smugglers and drug traffickers wouldn't even exist if not for our government waging war against its own citizens.

Drugs are not violent and they don't cause violence. War, by definiton, does.