Drug-Warrior Hypocrisy


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Please, someone help me out here. If an individual is a voluntary member of a corporation [state] that doesn't allow its employees [citizens] to use certain kinds of drugs, and only allows them to use other drugs under specific conditions, established by the corporation [state], what should that person [employee/citizen] do if s/he decides that s/he would rather have the freedom to do drugs than be "entitled" to that corporation's [state's] "member-only" benefits and privileges?

I've always been less stressed with multiple-choice quizzes, so to make this easier, here is a list of some of our choices. (Feel free to add to it if you like.)

(a) Write letters to the lawmakers [legislators] of the corporation [state] demanding that they change their rules [laws] on drug use.

(b) Bitch and complain to fellow-employees [fellow-citizens] about the corporate [state] rules [laws] on drug use.

(c) Get fellow-employees [fellow-citizens] to vote at the next corporate [state] election to either replace the current ruling elite or to change their rules [laws] on drug use. [Keep in mind that the corporation [state] can, and very well may, and ofttimes does, decide to simply ignore your votes.]

(d) Get your fellow employees [citizens] to NOT vote at the next corporate [state] election. [Keep in mind that because you choose to be an employee [citizen] of this corporation [state] you will, in the last analysis, be subject to whatever the corporation [state] ultimately decides, regardless of whether you vote or not.]

(e) Leave this corporation [state] and join yourself to another corporation [state] that has looser drug laws, (maybe the Netherlands). [Expatriate]

(f) Withdraw from membership in the corporation [state] and become self-employed [become self-governing]. [Keep in mind that if you choose this answer you will no longer be "entitled" to "member-only" benefits and privileges of that corporation [state]. For example, if you get sick you'll have to "take care of it" yourself, you will no longer be "entitled" to corporate [state] health insurance [Medicare, Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program, Obamacare et al].]

(g) Arm himself/herself to the teeth and attempt to take out every tyrant and wanna-be-tyrant within range. [This, I think most will agree, should always be the last choice, mainly because it is impossible, IMO. And, history, I believe, gives us ample evidence to prove that generally the one(s) who "take them down", simply "take their place". Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.]