Drug Decriminalization Policy Pays Off


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In a sane society, drugs would be treated like any other commodity, produced and sold by duly licensed, regulated and taxed businesses, and, once bought, would become the property and the reponsibility of the consumer. In a sane society, the only person with any interest in your urine would be your doctor, and not even your doctor woulf be allowed to take it from you at gunpoint.

But then, we don't live in a sane society, do we? People who love to hate Mexican immigrants like to say that the US is a "nation of lws." But that's not true, either. In a "nation of laws", it would be illegal for anyone, regardless of how they are dressed, to enter a private home, business or vehicle without permission and take, by force, sn individual's personal property. In a "nation of laws", the laws would apply to everyone equally.

What we have here is a nation ruled by fear and dedicated to punishment. The suffering of the many to insure the job security of the few. THAT's the American dream.