Doublestar Will No Longer Sell Weapons to Law Enforcement in States Where Citizens Cannot Own the Same Weapons


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They are not the only companies ganging up on the federal government. I commend them for their actions and recognize that it will have a serious impact on their business. They are men bold enough to take action and do something because they can; while many of us sit around and talk about it. The hard problem with this I think will be the cost of their products will skyrocket. A box of 20 rounds of .223 and 5.56 NATO has reached prices of $38 and $39.00. I can get full reloading outfits, but I cannot get dies and other items related to .223 or 5.56. Cheaper than Dirt, another company has stopped selling ammunition to states and Federal Government, as well.
I believe it stands a chance because many companies stop running certain advertisements because numerous people object to a program that Company sponsors. People write in to say they will stop buying the product if they continue to advertise on the program. I have watched numerous companies give in to the command of the public so yes I believe it stands a chance...
There are states crafting legislation that will affect the arrest any federal agent crossing their boarders to enforce any anti-gun bills. Some require a 5 year jail sentence and $5000 fine. Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Michigan are proposing a panty bill with no balls in them and other states too numerous for me to keep track of to mention. There are numerous sheriffs’ offices committing to non-enforcement. Some states are crafting NDAA nullification bills as well; Utah being one (they are kind of goofy because the democrats a crafting a confiscation bill also) calling it kidnapping with a 20 year sentence and a $300,000 fine. At least those who can offer resistance to the Federal Government are doing so because they see all these acts as being Unconstitutional. What can members of STR do?