Doing Hard Time for Peace


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Sincere as these guys and gals are, I see their time better spent attacking wolves and foxes -- trying to prevent the killing of chickens -- hoping to convince them to become herbivorous. They totally lack knowledge of the nature of psychotic government-gang types. I think they actually hope those bastards might just become peaceful if properly terrorized.

Terrorizing the terrorists. Good planning! And an excellent example of why proselytization is usually ineffective at best, counterproductive on down the scale.

If I hope to lead folks to sovereignty, my stock-in-trade will be the example I set. All my blabbering will be just that: blabbering.

Of course they see folks like me as "passive -- head in the sand" types for not jumping onto their bandwagon -- for merely urging you to:

Abstain From Beans

and to cease voluntarily complying with the beast.

I'm almost tempted to desire they be force-fed a dose of Delmar England. But I have to stop and realize he's a bit strong even for many "libertarians" and "anarchists" right here on STR, let alone petitioners to the beast.

Why 'O why was I born so damned perfect??? Sam