Doctors Back The People On GMO Labeling Laws


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A majority of Americans also support minimum wage laws, which, like forced GMO labeling, are also illegitimate.  Anyone who finds the labeling on anything offered for sale to be inadequate is free to take his money elsewhere.

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You're correct. If monopoly state were totally out of the marketplace (not likely) there would arise many additional free-market services to which any of us could subscribe, such as kosher labeling, consumer reporting, etc. Enforced labeling, like enforced medical insurance or enforced vaccinations, will always manifest what we like to call "unintended consequences". Which in reality are not unintended when you think about it. Sort of like the "911" phenomenon -- they give rise to bloated and more aggressive and coercive expansions of government to "solve" all those "unintended consequences".

I like to remember what our old friend, Jim Davies, once wrote:

    No government anywhere, at any time,
    has ever brought net benefit to any society,
    and there is no desirable function that any
    government performs that could not be
    performed better, or less expensively,
    by free people operating on a voluntary basis
    for profit or for charity.

~Jim Davies