Disassociation Is Not Always Disrespect


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Disassociation not always disrespect presents some compelling points, but I believe that, upon a closer reading, one could discover that some of the examples Hooligan provided are the precise ideas which give rise to violent, coercive actions by others.
Choices of bananas and apples and oranges are certainly not going to elicit aggressive actions; this, however, depends upon circumstances though. The right to refuse to serve someone seems reasonable. In Colorado, a steak house wherein a notable figure head was pissed at having to wait in line made continuous complaints until she finally got to the owner. She exclaimed “Do you know whom I am?” He responded “Yes I do, and you are the exact reason you are not going to step foot into my restaurant and be served. Jane Fonda had insulted a former Viet Nam Vet. Now. Herein is the rub. Multitudes of STR’s are going to disassociate with this veteran because he did what he believed (maybe). So disassociation can and does result in disrespect. I have noted it here and I am familiar with a few here who would agree. Everyone at STR wants to change the way people think about government and its intrusive methods. In this point, I strongly agree. I want desperately to get these egregious morons out of office, yet at the same time I am terrified at the thought of a “Road Warrior” attitude.
Hooligan has some legitimate points. I believe his thoughts were innocent and sincere, but he repeats what has been said hundreds of times before. Was it necessary to be repeated? Certainly repetition is a method of learning, so maybe he just wanted to drive the lesson home—we as Americans have an inalienable right to do whatever we desire as long as we do not infringe upon another.

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As a restaurant owner, I have the "right" (ha ha) to refuse service to anybody who will not wear a "I Love Barrack Obama" pin on their lapel. I have the "right" to refuse service to anyone who is not white, protestant, with gray hair, or a registered republicrat.


Oh -- and one more thing: I have the "right" to refuse service to anybody who does not smoke on my premises.

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As Kent McManigal stated, restaurant owners, i.e. humans, have the natural right of association, "so long as they are not incorporated, therefore not in partnership with government".