Did the Department of Justice Say that the Government Would Not Assassinate Americans?


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**This seems to be a rather moot point. I have to believe the government has been engaged in the killing of innocent civilians and military personnel for a long time. The more I read the more horriable I find us to be as Americans and human beings. I have lost all sense of our purpose for being here at all. Just because we have arrived at the top of the evolutionary scale does not make us the superiour force.

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"Last week, Holder said “It is possible I suppose to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military TO USE LETHAL FORCE WITHIN THE TERRITORY OF THE UNITED STATES.”" (Caps. Mine)

Well, bye-bye posse comitatus. It was nice to know you while you lasted.

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**It appears that with or without a Constitution (Not that anyone here cares) tyranny, dictatorships and etc, however you want to put it will always be and, societies with liberty will evolve into a tyranny/dictatorship. It almost seems to fit into a evolutionary application. It is as if tyrannys and dictatorships are more natural. I have a feeling that 250 years is about as long as liberty could endure.
what I am garnering from this is that unless some form of action is taken dictatorships will become the norm for societies at least for an unknown evolutionary period when things may revert back. I know this is all fiction but given what is occuring in our lives today is nothing compared to what our parents delt with. I know there are a some lawfirms that are aggressively fighting [o]boma, then there is Rand Paul standing in filibuster for 17 hours against a bill which he won, defeating [o]bama. What will we have in the end?