The Deficit is a Symptom, Spending is the Disease


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Amendment XIV [1868]

Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law...shall not be questioned.

14th Amendment citizens are "parties to [the] covenant or transaction", and are therefore, "bound by it" and are, as a result of their membership, "liable for the debt", which means their property is charged with the payment thereof and can be sold therefore. And, according to the article of their Constitution that created 14th Amendment citizens, they apparently don't even have the "legal" right to question it.

Oh sure, a "14th Amendment citizen" can bitch and cry and complain all he wants, (at least until his master decides it's time to shut him up), but what is the solution if the "country club" he is a voluntary member of is addicted to runaway spending, which he, as a member, is ultimately responsible for?

I believe that the only honorable solution available is "individual secession", i.e. "withdrawing from membership".

...individuals "who are in no way parties to [the] covenant or transaction, nor bound by it", are "strangers" to the "national" debt. A "stranger", (legally speaking), is, "one who, in no event resulting from the existing state of affairs, can become liable for the debt, and whose property is not charged with the payment thereof and cannot be sold therefore".