Debate: Is Democracy Overrated? Yes. (Part 1)


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"In that case, advocating democracy for what it expresses would be perverse—akin to insisting we outlaw vaccines in order to express concern for human health.” 

The latter would actually be an excellent idea, as long as vaccines continue to be made available through the government vaccine program.

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I'm not sure what you mean Saul. No private companies make vaccines any more due to lawsuits and other liability issues. Political democracy really doesn't have a bearing on vaccine production except economically. Banning lawsuits except for actual, provable, damages would improve things but I don't see that happening except by a referendum, and even that would be a stretch given the political and economic clout of the trial lawyer lobby.

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Private companies continue to make vaccines. They threatened to pull out of the market in the 80's, but were given exemption from liability in 1986. Government props up the vaccine program in many ways and has turned it into a great threat to mankind.

I wrote extensively about that here:

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Given that "democracy" is that gambit utilized for ongoing belief and participation of the hoi polloi by the group of psychopaths hiding under the mantle of "the state", my answer would definitely have to be "no".

Democracy was/is a stroke of genius.