DEA Head: A Thousand Dead Children Means We're Winning War on Drugs


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Sometimes I really wish I believed in Hell. Because then I could believe that the hottest parts were reserved for monsters who sacrifice other people's lives to further their own careers. And I don't mean the leaders of the drug cartels, who are subject to human laws and Earthly justice.

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Oh, the echos of Madeleine Albright's notorious rationalization.

So, the people who preach Hell are usually long on scare tactics but short on precise details. Of course, this is no surprise. Still, if they were to work out their hypothesis in detail, would they discover that the most hellish Hell possible would be one in which the inmates don't realize that they are in Hell? I would think so, just as suffering persons on Earth are in the dark about why they are suffering. In fact, how many times have you heard some suffering person whine "why is this happening?!"?

I, too, don't believe in the Abrahamists' abode of eternal punishment. It's obviously gibberish that doesn't cohere with their claims that their gods are benevolent. If the gods were benevolent, they would not put so many souls at risk of eternal punishment. This is especially true of the Christian god and the Islamic god. (Judaism is much more obscurantist about Hell, which is odd given the verbosity of its god and the god's prophets.) Indeed, if these gods were benevolent, why would they put any souls at risk of eternal suffering through no fault of those souls? Well, those gods would not do so, thus their cults can be rejected as unworthy. So also any other cult that espouses a similar doctrine, and since no one ever has produced any evidence or a single cogent argument to warrant belief in a god, I think it best to set aside all god hypotheses.

So this leaves us with a few other options. For example, there is physicalism, but I've never once encountered a secularist who could give an intelligent explanation of why it's a good idea to be a secularist, esp. without anxiety upon being asked to give justification for belief in secularism. Often what they do instead is to make a fetish of criticisms of Abrahamic theology, malice and violence; then they betray that they are skeptics, relativists, subjectivists, nihilists, or socialists. We know the places to which those roads lead, but the secularist is rarely satisfied with the living caricature that it has already made of itself. For example, there's the secularist's anger management problem, which makes it irksome for the secularist to avoid foolish errors like supposing that either physicalism is true or there is a god. It's like they paid scant attention in mathematics, which is ironic given that so many of them fancy theirselves as apostles and apologists for science. Other secularists take refuge in capitalism, and the worst of the bunch are like John Galt, Hank Rearden, Donald Trump, etc.: They are never satisfied with what they have no matter how much they have or how varied their holdings happen to be.

Speaking of John Galt: Who wants to put the power companies out of business so that he can buy their distribution networks dirt cheap from creditors or at a bankruptcy auction? but without the added financial burden of generation equipment that he doesn't need? Who is busy recruiting his financier, his in house counsel and chief lobbyist, his engineering team, and other people needed to run the giant power company that he is so obviously planning to set up if his strike is successful? Who is stalking not only the power companies but also the love of his life?

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"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please."

It's shamefully narrow-minded of Washington to confer the blessings of humanitarian mass murder on distant Bedouins while ignoring our Mestizo neighbors to the South. McCaul, a former federal prosecutor who now chairs the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, is eager to help rectify that inequity by designating six Mexican drug syndicates -- including Los Zetas, which is led by U.S.-trained military personnel -- as "foreign terrorist organizations."

Welllllllll Not any more...........

Last Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas, picture at left), introduced legislation that would designate six Mexican drug cartels as “foreign terrorist organizations.” According to the Deseret News for March 30, McCaul spokesman Mike Rosen said that “It was the first time ... a member of Congress had proposed the designation for the powerful Mexican drug gangs that have waged war against Mexican security forces over the last five years.