DEA’s Michele Leonhart: If Science Disagrees, We’ll Shut Down Research


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If the medical practitioners that specialize in pain management and research had any balls they'd pull a Galt and just announce that until the DEA and the rest back off they'll refuse to treat or medicate any cops, feds, narcs, DAs, prison hacks or their families until they do.

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Excellent point. I have chronic pain and have been on narcotic pain meds for about 7 years now. My body has acclimated, but the need is still there as it does continue to help some. My Dr., just this past week lowered my dosage by one per day. That's 30 pills gone. I had a hard time with the 6 per day. I asked why, he said it came from DEA. I discovered he is a F*&%ing lier. Contacted my Fed House Rep. They said DEA has no legal right to tell a doctor how to treat their patients or how many pills they can or can't perscribe. I do hope that Dr. get the temerity to do as you suggest, but it's not gonna happen.