The Danger of American Apathy on NSA Surveillance


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"But our liberties do not derive from the innate trustworthiness of our elected representatives. They derive from laws and institutions put in place for the preservation of liberty."

Utter rot!

There is more than one reason to be apathetic. One can be apathetic because one believes govco has our best interests in mind. One can also be apathetic because one believes government consists of criminals and is unsurprised when criminals indulge in criminal action.

My response to govco snooping is not to beg govco to stop it. I'd rather apply techical fixes (e.g. VPN and other forms of encryption) because I prefer individual action and enjoy putting barriers in front of the snoops. I also respond by a form of apathy: I don't care what they manage to collect despite my technical fixes because I don't fear the bastards.