Couple Suing Kansas Police After Pot Raid Finds Only Tomatoes


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I can't prove it but I think a major issue with all these raids is that the cops involved just plain get off on doing them. Smashing in doors and the rest seems a lot more fun than running speed traps, handling barking dog complaints, paperwork, and the rest of the routine stuff they'd otherwise be doing on a typical shift. Never underestimate stupid, evil behavior occuring just because someone is bored and it looks like fun.

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I think you're on to something.  The fact that no one seems to suffer the consequences for a botcheed raid does encourage aggessive behavior. 

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I think you have a point. I recall an interview with a tactical team and most of the members agreed that it was the adrinilin rush they received when they performed the task. This goes beyong flirting with death.
So, when the time comes to confiscate our weapons those swat teams will be more than eager to participate because the recognize that many law abiding citizens will be come criminals at that point and shoot to kill to keep their firearms. I think also when the time comes DHS is [o]bamas civilian army. They will target select cities and assist local LEO's in the process. If they fail, DHS will demonstrate exactly how to overcome resistance.
As far as stupid is concerned that is a massive problem.

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I always like it when a person, typically of a type conservative bent, always retort that when orders are given to round up weapons, the police will refuse and obey "the constitution." I take them to YouTube to watch the various videos on the Milgram Experiment and if the cognitive dissonance doesn't have them mumbling to themselves, many will at least walk away, head down and dragging feet, looking through severely cracked rose colored glasses.

I applaud the lawsuit and at least it brings attention and makes just a few more people to realize those rose colored glasses are cracking more and more with each passing day.

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This scares me tremendously, the day arriving when American Citizens will be shooting American Citizens. That I believe is the sole purpose of DHS. It is [o]bama's civilian army. If the local enforcement does not comply then DHS will demonstrate how it is to be done. DHS is an equivalancy of the SS. Although Canada and Austraila have not come to the point of murdering their people there is nothing stopping them at a future date. I project that well before Pinoccios term in office is over he will proclaim martial law, terminate elections until peace is restored which will more than likely not happen.
I know the Milgram experiment was performed again a few years ago and the results were vitrually the same except reluctance to perform was a bit higher.