Cops Walk In Philly Bodega-Robbery Scandal


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Cops abusing their power to enrich themselves is pretty much standard practice in Third World states all over the planet, including here in South Africa. We have lots of street vendors here, and for the most part, their businesses are technically illegal, though often tolerated. But now and then, out of the blue, the cops raid them, kick over their stalls, and blatantly steal their merchandise.

I have to say though that what I found the most astonishing about the article was that it is illegal in Pennsylvania to sell zip-lock bags! Well, that one made me laugh - it sounds quite literally like something out of a Monty Python sketch.

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You're right, the illegal zip-lock bags was humorous, all things considered. However, I should say, since it seems you're writing from South Africa, that I'm pretty sure the law doesn't apply to standard use sizes, like sandwich-sized, quart and gallon. I'm betting that what is illegal in that state are what you have to ask for using the term jewelry bag in most other places, the tiny ziplock bags that people sell small amounts of pot and other substances in. But, who knows, I don't ive in that state and there's no telling what drug war zealots have made illegal there. They very well may have legislated against all ziplocks -- you know, think of the children and all.