Cops Do 20,000 No-Knock Raids Per Year


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I am so full of rage I can't stand it. Even to comment on this article would take extreme effort. Such a large part of the American population is so stupid and lazy that becomes the reason this kind of brutality is permitted.

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It is important, Glock, to recognize something so basic it’s easy to miss: you and I, as government (“public” ha ha) educators, at one time or another in our careers, taught students that monopolies were bad. They are inefficient, inept, and they bring about grave harm to the hoi polloi.

This, of and by itself, was not incorrect as far as it went.

Where we innocently but abjectly ran aground and turned the apple cart upside down was our dissemination of the meme that monopolies are a product of the marketplace. Fat cats -- greedy, lascivious for evil profits -- tend to dominate markets. It is those moneybag capitalists who are responsible for rising prices and the poor becoming poorer. A war upon poverty is a war against those fat cats.

Therefore “we” (read: psychopaths grouped into abstractions called “government” – city, county, state, federal, et al.) must regulate all business to end monopolies. “We” must legislate – decide for sellers and buyers alike -- what should be produced, under what guidelines, and what should be declared legal and/or illegal.

I can’t speak for you. But I’m trying to remember about when it was for me that I began to awaken, to think logically and critically. It was necessary for me to see around my confirmation bias – that monopolies cannot and will not occur in a free and open market.

I came to understand that I was a tiny cog (but a major contributor) in the most dangerous and egregious monopoly ever known to human kind: the state.

That a police state was a natural outcropping of my tutelage.

Monopoly “justice” is never unbiased. When those psychopaths (“the state”)

• Make the laws,

• Enforce the laws,

• Prosecute the laws,

• Hire the prosecutors,

• License the “defense” attorneys,

• Pay the “judges”,

• Build the jails,

• Contract jails out to private entities,

• Employ and pay the wardens,

• Employ and pay the guards,

• Employ and pay the parole officers,

Well, that sort of monopoly “justice” is not an unbiased system.

It is abject tyranny. (Thanks, Daily Bell)

And so, my dear friend, you and I have choices: either become emotionally destabilized over a lifetime of wrong education -- or become free.

I've decided the latter is the better choice. Sam

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I have just become a gross old cynic in these times. I am half tempted to shut down and become disengaged from the pile that grows. I can't stop it and no matter how old I get, it won't change a thing. Thanks for your encouragement and support. I am just so tired and it will never be over with.