U.S. Government Turns Its Back on Democracy


The tiny little democracy in the Middle East is surrounded by a deadly, vicious enemy. It needs help to sink the roots of democracy deep in its troubled soil so democracy can eventually spread throughout the region. But the US government, who says its goal in the Middle East is to see to it that democracy does indeed spread in that area of the world, is refusing to help the neophyte democracy of the Palestinian National Authority.

Both George W. Bush and his opponent in the recent presidential show/election, John Kerry, said the US should not even talk to the legally elected President of the Palestinian people, Yasser Arafat. Arafat was elected by the Palestinian people in 1996. The often repeated statement that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East is a lie.

The complete hypocrisy of the US government in its dealings with the Palestinians and the Jews is plainly seen by the people we need most to reach if we really want to end the war with al Qaeda. These people are the 1.2 billion Muslims in the pool of potential recruits for bin Laden. When they see the deadly hypocrisy perpetrated upon their fellow Muslims in the occupied territories, they naturally want to fight it. That is only normal. What is not normal is the US government putting the interests and security of its own people in danger for the benefit of the foreign nation of Israel, and for the advancement of political careers. The politicians know that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee can make or break their meaningless political careers, so they sell the lives of American military members to the Israeli lobby to be wasted in wars for Israel's security, as is now being done in Iraq. As US Senator Hollings said, 'You can't have an Israel policy other than what AIPAC gives you . . . .'

The Oslo Peace Accords, which were endorsed by both the Palestinians and the Israeli government, and were the result of tireless and courageous work by Palestinian leader Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Rabin, called for the creation of the Palestinian National Authority. The PNA was to have control over the West Bank and Gaza. The fanatic rabbis couldn't have this, as it went against God's law as found in the Bible that the Jews wrote. Rabbis in both Israel and the US, according to the well researched book Murder in the Name of God by Michael Karpin and Ina Friedman, approved and promoted the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin based on a Talmudic ruling. The murderer of Rabin, Yigal Amir, was, and is, a devout Jew and student of the Talmud.

The fact that the Oslo Accords called for the PNA to have control over both the West Bank and Gaza makes the hypocrisy of the US painfully evident. When the Oslo Accords were run over roughshod by the Israeli government after the assassination of Rabin, the US did nothing to stop the Israelis from going back on their word. The US was yet again declaring itself an enemy, not only to Muslims everywhere, but to its own interests, integrity and people.

George W. Bush, instead of insisting on the continuation of the Oslo Accords, came up with his lame Road Map to Peace. He somehow sold the Palestinian leadership that the Road Map was in their best interests. The Palestinian leaders even told Hamas that the Road Map was good for the Palestinians. (This article also shows that Bush started the war in Iraq because God told him to!) It called for Israel to withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza. Anyone who knows the Bible the Jews wrote, knows that Israel and the neocons in Washington aren't about to give up land that the Bible god gave to the Jews, no matter what is agreed to at the time.

George appeared all excited about his progress promoting his Road Map. Then the boss, Israeli Prime Minister Sharon, came to Washington to dictate his new orders--the stipulation in the Road Map that Israel must withdraw from the West Bank is now out. Israel will only withdraw from parts of the West Bank and from Gaza. What does George do? He, being the good Christian and Bible reader that he is, as well as a political whore who knows how to sell his country and people for selfish political gain, obeys his superior and fully endorses Israel's new changes and demands without even consulting the other principals to the agreement, the Palestinians! I wonder why they attack us!

This was a crushing event in the short history of the Palestinian democracy. It's a very good example to other Muslims who may be thinking of democracy. Democracy is a scam on people to give them the illusion that they have a real say in how society is run. In reality, especially in the case of the US, a democracy is nothing but a kosher plutocracy run by the wealthy few who know it's good business for them to be subservient to Israel and its leaders.

Now that President Arafat appears to be near death, Israel and it puppets in Washington will try to find what they call a 'moderate' Palestinian leader. A moderate is someone who's as willing as a US politician to be subservient to Israel. They can't bat an eye when they're told to betray their people and ideals for the glory and expansion of the Hebrew state. Their biggest problem if they do find someone of Bush's caliber, is keeping him alive. The Palestinians are pretty good at taking care of traitors.

The actions of the US government can only strengthen the position of al Qaeda. With yet another example of being lied to by the US and Israel, the ranks of fighters for Islam grows. I know most Americans never cared about the Palestinians being slaughtered by Israel through the use of US weapons and approval until 9/11. Then, when Americans were killed, people began to question. The questioning has been held to a minimum by the media and government, but still it is there. Eventually, with returning troops who know what the score is, with genuinely idealistic people who are spreading the word, with images that get through the established media and posted on the Internet, and through word of mouth by all of us who do know, justice can still be achieved.

A key to punching through the lies of the various governments, is to punch through the lies of the various 'revealed' religions, which originally gave life and authority to the governments. Almost all governments of today have their roots in the Biblical fallacy known as divine right. Even though the American Revolution tried to separate church and state, there's still a dangerously strong undercurrent of religious justification for government. A good example is the US Supreme Court building, with its relief of Moses and the Ten Commandments. Another example is the recent reelection of Bush. A huge amount of his supporters are born-againers who believe they are doing God's will by promoting Bush and voting for Bush. If these people, the majority of whom are probably very sincere, could understand that the Bible has nothing to do with the Creator, but was instead written by ancient superstitious Jews for their own advancement (Thomas Jefferson believed that even the New Testament was used by the Hebrews to help bring down the Roman Empire by getting people to focus on the hereafter instead of the here and now), the backbone of hypocrisy could be broken. If Bush's supporters could see that it goes against the Creator to allow and promote the wholesale destruction of one group of people because the other group claims they're God's chosen ones, they would stop their support of the neocon war machine. They would then realize that God gave us reason, not religion. And we have an obligation to use our reason to our fullest ability.

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