They Owe Me!


"THEY =OWE= ME!" The American military has been described as the country's largest social-service agency, in light of the panoply of benefits accruing to military members and their dependents. But the garrison state promotes the welfare-rights mentality in a more-insidious way, and you can see evidence of that from time to time when Minitrue does an ordinary-folk interview during one of its "news" stories promoting socialism. I saw it again just the other day, when a woman was complaining into the microphone that her aged mother couldn't afford prescription drugs, which was an outrage, she said, because the interviewee's late father had participated in one of the big 20th-century wars (I forget which one).

See how the contagion spreads?

Now in fact someone does owe something to military conscripts or their heirs. But those victims of tyranny are not going to get it from the estates of Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, or Richard Nixon. And they're not going to get it, either, from the estate of Lewis Hershey, longtime Boss Slaver for the regime, or any of his minions. They can only get it from the taxpayers, in the form of loot distributed by the Robber State. One point worth making along the way is that even if conscripts could sue their enslavers, much or most of what they'd get would also be stolen property. Government depredations cause a net loss; no redress is possible (except on the Day of the Rope).

In the present context, my other point is more pointed (if you will). It's one that I've made before on the basis of other evidence, and one that I expect to make again in the future:

Empire abroad means leviathan at home.

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