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Last Tuesday was Election Day in Seattle . My friends and neighbors voted to tax themselves (and me -- thanks, guys) to continue funding our government schools. They called it a vote of confidence in the system.

Me, I also cast a vote of confidence for something I believe in -- not by endorsing theft and government propaganda, though. I did something much better:

I made a contribution to Strike The Root.

I want to ask you to do the same. You can do so by clicking here. Strike the Root accepts donations via PayPal, e-Gold,and GoldMoney. Or you can send a check or money order.

I believe in Strike The Root because it's making a difference for the ideas and principles I treasure. Every day, I can read great pro-freedom, anti-state, and anti-war commentary. Find the latest head-slapping stupid government tricks. Discover the works of classic pro-market thinkers. Or be armed with the truth the traditional media outlets so carefully ignore.

In the battle of ideas, Root Strikers are front-line soldiers.

That means a lot to me. I hope it means a lot to you, too -- especially in this election year, when the rest of America is greedily wrapped up in its "advance auction of stolen goods."

The money you and I contribute to Strike The Root is used almost entirely to pay STR writers for their contributions. (Rob does what he does for free, the hero.)

This rewards people for making their libertarian and market-anarchist voices heard. It encourages men and women who may never have written for publication before to marshal their thoughts and speak out. And it attracts writers who can't afford to work for free with a little compensation for their efforts.

Like I said, it's making a difference. Check out the testimonials here.

How about you? How much have you learned from reading Strike The Root? Have you picked up a new argument with which to persuade your friends? A new fact to show why we're right and they're wrong? Maybe you've gained a little from the time you've spent on this site.

Maybe you've gained a lot.

Are you willing to help STR keep growing and reaching more people? A generous gift from you today -- or, even better, signing up as a monthly gift-giver -- can do just that.

Politicians, bureaucrats . . . and voters . . . have all sorts of ideas for what they'd like to do with your money. Most of those ideas ain't very good.

I have my own ideas for using my money. I sent some to Strike The Root.

Supporting STR is very good.

Will you join me in giving a gift today?

PS: Rob reminds me that he has several Strike The Root T-shirts available for anyone who gives a gift of $50 or more. Unfortunately, the only sizes he has left are Medium and XXL. But you probably know someone who fits one of those sizes, don't you?

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