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Most of us dream of an Ivy-League education. Millions sacrifice to send their children to Harvard, Princeton or Yale, filled with visions of prestige, public service and financial security. Each year, thousands of young adults graduate from these bucolic universities to guide our nation-state--formerly known as a republic some two hundred years ago--along the paths of empire-building as we know it.Harvard sends the bright-eyed business majors down to Wall Street to steer and tweak our great capitalist machine, while Yale regurgitates the legions of helmsmen to steer our great ponderous ship of state, quaintly known as America . Yale Law School vomits forth the best and brightest along with the shifty and deceitful. The ethical young law grads probably outnumber the purely manipulative or well-connected under-achiever, but you might never know it by the litany of former Yalies--Bush, Clinton, Bush again, Kerry, Woolsey, Bremer and Wolfowitz--busy shifting the pre-cast concrete forms of Nationstate into place. Terrell E. Arnold wrote of the recent results of a Yale education in statecraft. Observing the mess we've made in Iraq, Arnold referred to Yalie Paul Bremer and his bosses, Yalies George W. Bush and former Yalie professor, Paul Wolfowitz. Not to be overlooked for "masterminding" the incredible Middle Eastern mess were former Yalie Bill Clinton and former Yalie grad--and former CIA head-honcho--George Bush, Sr. 'Look at the track record," says Arnold, "It was a mistake to lie to the American people and the world about US reasons for attacking Iraq; a mistake to go to war without international backing; a mistake to permit unrestrained looting in the aftermath of initial conflict; a mistake to reject well developed plans for post-war reconstruction; a mistake to fire the first US Administrator, Garner, for wanting to hold early and free elections; a mistake to blackball the Baath; a mistake to send the Iraqi army home; a mistake to promise democracy and then balk at the idea of having the majority (the Shiia Muslims) get a chance to rule; a mistake to give the Kurds too much wiggle room; a mistake to close the Shia newspaper run by Shia cleric Moqtada al Sadr; a mistake to attack Falluja in force including destroying mosques; a mistake to put a former Saddam Hussein general in charge of Iraqi troops to fight other Iraqis.'  Gee, given the disastrous track record from these former alums or professors of Yale Law School (pictured), shouldn't we draft a resolution that says: henceforth no candidate for elected office in the continental United States should be eligible for office if connected in any way, shape or form, to Yale University? I mean, if you or I had "accomplished" the above in such a short period of time, we might be liable to criminal charges and prosecution. But this, of course, isn't tiny Alma College or equally unpretentious Olivet we're talking about. This is Yale University of Connecticut, home state of Senator Joe Lieberman, former Yale grad and ardent defender of all things Israel, and former home to the mighty CIA. Need I say more? Yale--as a midwife to our most powerful leaders--is a detriment to society, a clear-and-present-danger, an ivy-covered toxin or deadlier virus than anything that originated in darkest Africa. Yale, which spewed forth the great moralist, Bill Clinton and the epic statesman Bush the Younger, not to mention the diabolical spymaster, Elder Bush, unfortunately enjoys a great future as a forger of US helmsmen. Polls indicate Yalie Kerry creeping past Yalie Bush for the crowning of the next president. It doesn't take an advanced degree from the Ivy League to predict Yale bulldogs will be buoyant in 2004. And you naively believed anyone could grow up to become president in America ? Stupid U, or stupid us? Where-the-hell did these moral and mental midgets come from, and how did they usurp the American political system? Yale once enjoyed prestige for its Divinity School, but it is very doubtful any of our recent leaders ever stepped foot inside that college, unless it was to mock and scorn.  The stern visage of the stone judge (pictured), affixed to the Yale Law School, apparently offered neither a stern, judicial restraint nor the face of a fatherly, legal counsel to our privileged frat boys who party-crashed the White House. Did the terrorist hijacking of our American political system start with the Yale-CIA connection 60 years ago? Most definitely, positively and without a doubt. That, and the poisonous combination of privilege without conscience, of money without morals. Stupid U vomits forth political men and women so programmed, so amoral, that they actually believe the Biblical inscription at the CIA headquarters building gives them the divine right to lie, torture, smuggle, corrupt and kill with impunity. Sinister are the triangular connections between Yale, the US presidency and the CIA. Former CIA head and subsequent president George Walker Bush fits a disturbing pattern. Former Yalesman Bill Clinton appointed Yaleman Robert James Woolsey to the CIA. Was this the beginning of a trend or a pattern? Former Yalesman George W. Bush appointed Woolsey to govern occupied Iraq a year ago, only to replace the former CIA director Woolsey with another former Yalie, Paul Bremer. Not surprisingly, both Woolsey and Bush were members of the equally shadowy Skull and Bones society. As is our probable next US president, Bony John Kerry. Does anyone feel co-opted yet? A few lonely bloggers like Bob Feldman offer this blunt proposal: "Perhaps it's time for a U.S. Congressional Committee to initiate a public investigation on the role that Yale University and its Skull & Bones society has played in U.S. presidential politics since 1904?" All future Presidential candidates will be members of a secret society, a Yale graduate or somehow connected to the CIA--or preferably all three. Robin Winks offered this insight in his book, Cloak and Gown. "Yale's most prestigious social life turned on secret societies, of which perhaps Skull and Bones was the most exclusive . . . It was widely rumored that the secret societies were recruiting grounds (for the CIA) as well." You may recall the homespun beginning of Yale alum Bill Clinton. His image as the "The Man from Hope" was probably concocted to appeal to that species of human called boobus americanus. Yes, Bill was probably groomed for the presidency from a very young age, but some say his pedigree would have permitted him to rule in another era. In merry olde England. Despite the whispered pedigrees and immense fortunes, what it is about these Yalie US presidents that leaves such a bad--very bad--taste in one's mouth? Is it the incredible stupidity or the incredible lack of morals or the incredible hubris? Certainly the corruption connected to each Yale presidential grad must be simply an inherited evil, a twilight stain somehow connected to distant ancestors (and former Yalies), like galena streaks and darkens pure quartz. Yet to any prospector--or prospective investor--the leaden gray galena is worth more than the pure white quartz. So it is with our Yale/CIA/US presidents with their feet of leaden clay darkening our White House. Stupid U? Or smart like a fox? Sadly, we and the rest of the world are the chickens ripe for the plucking. Yup, there's a Yalie in our future and the former war hero or war criminal (you choose) doesn't give a damn. Personally, I'd prefer any college drop-out from Alma, Olivet or even tiny Adrian College as my next US president, instead of another asshole from Yale. Yuck!

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