Slaves of the State

Webster defines property as '1a: A quality or trait belonging and especially peculiar to an individual or thing. 2a: Something owned or possessed. 2b: The exclusive right to possess, enjoy, and dispose of a thing. 2c: Something to which a person or business has a legal title.'

Most people do not realize it, but they are nothing more than the property of the State. A property owner has the exclusive right to the property that is in their possession. If you were truly the owner of yourself, you would have exclusive rights to your property that no one could usurp. You would be a self owner.

As the rightful owner of your property, you would get to make the decisions concerning your property. If you wanted to sell, rent, loan, or destroy your property, no one would have a higher claim than you, the property owner. What you chose to eat, drink, smoke, ingest, hear, or view would be your right, and no other entity would have a higher right than you to determine what is best for you.

The fruits of your labor would be solely yours, with no higher claim being recognized. Theft would be considered a crime, with the perpetrators going to jail, even if it was for a really good purpose. Your children would be the responsibility of you, the creator, and no other entity would be able to make a higher claim to them than you. Anyone attempting to kidnap your kids would be immediately arrested and locked away, even if it was for a really good war.

If you truly were the owner of your property, all of these things would be self evident; but the truth is you are a slave, and slaves do not own property. Slaves do what they are told, eat what they are given, and never question their master. If you need to ask permission to do something with your property, you are not the owner.

In a true free society, there would be no victimless crimes, or crimes committed upon one's self. There would be no war on drugs, prostitution, or other transactions made between consenting adults. As an adult property owner, you would be able to enter any contract as long as force or coercion was not involved, and both parties were in agreement.

Morality should have nothing to do with deciding if something should be illegal. Something can be immoral and still be legal. Since morality is subjective, it should play no part in deciding if something should be legal or not. Religion is responsible for most of the 'fake crimes' that are on the books today, as the religious wack jobs try to legislate morality.

The State is the owner of your property; you are just leasing it at their discretion. Anyone who does not think so need only try putting a substance in their body that their master has deemed illegal, or refuse to give their children over to the State, so they can be sacrificed for the good of the State. Try testing your property rights with the IRS by refusing to be a victim of theft, see how far that will get you. No, you are the property of the State, so sit down, pay your taxes and shut the f*ck up!

If you submit to this voluntary form of slavery, you will be allowed to keep a small pittance of your life blood, be allowed to eat, drink, smoke, ingest, hear, and view what the State deems appropriate. Your children will have the honor of dying for a great cause, the enrichment of the State. All while some rich, spoon-fed asshole gets richer. Think of how proud you will be!

Of course, most sheep are all too willing to give up their property rights. The State knows better than they do what's best for them. The State has their best interest at heart, and does not want to see them get hurt. Besides, it's not theft if it is for a really good cause; not kidnapping if it's sacrifice for the State. Stand up, wave your flag, and sing 'God Bless America '!

Sure you're a slave, but isn't it great to be an American? Other countries hate us for our freedoms; don't let anyone tell you anything different. After all, it's not so bad; you could be a slave in a less free country. You were fortunate enough to be born in the freest slave country in the world, hallelujah!

When I hear Bush say that the 'terrorists' hate us for our freedoms, I cannot help but laugh! Does anyone really believe that there are people that hate freedom? People are born with the desire to be free. It's not something that would be hated; envied maybe, but not hated. And what freedoms exactly is Bush talking about? The freedom to be told what to do; to be stolen from in the form of taxation; to be told what we can put in our bodies; who we can marry? Just what freedoms is he talking about?

This is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they started this great experiment. If they were around today, there is no doubt they would be disappointed, to say the least. I am sure they would be wondering why a revolution was not already underway.

So pop open a beer and turn on your favorite reality show, because that's as close to freedom as you are ever going to get. Don't forget to stumble into the voting booth on November 2nd and vote for your new master. Remember, not all slaves have the privilege of being able to pick their master; you are fortunate enough to live in the freest slave country in the world!

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