Resident Evil--1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Picture of White House at nightSome people believe the White House is haunted. I prefer to believe the building is demon possessed. How else to explain the almost continuous flow of evil that channels through the place? How else except a demonic convergence, or porthole to hell itself, to explain the millions of deaths that can easily be attributed to the policies that originate there? Almost like Satan enjoyed a guest bedroom at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

A "Whited Scepulchre," Jesus might have called the White House, a tomb full of vile and repugnant things, with the pristine facade concealing the hypocrisies and murder plots that pass for foreign policy since America began to impose her imperial might on the world, especially within the last several decades.

The creepy facade, lit from below, like Dracula emerging from his coffin, with that sinister portico lifted from Greek architecture (but without the attached Greek ideals), reminds one of the foreboding facade in the movie, The Amityville Horror. In that creepy movie, the house slowly revealed a demonic side, a malevolent intention to kill all the occupants.

Not even excorcism could cast out the resident evil there. Indeed, the memorable line in that movie--"Get Out!"--whispered by the house itself, shocked and titillated audiences worldwide. How much more powerful then is the demonic horror that has taken possession of, not only the White House, but all those who enter it (Abandon hope, all ye who enter here?) and half the US population! So omnipotent is the resident evil of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that it captivates or enthralls willing supplicants, pretending virtue where none exists, ridicules criticism with the deftness of Lucifer armed with a rapier, and beguiles the masses with showy pyrotechnics while it bleeds them dry. Indeed, the sinister power of 1600 is such that one can almost imagine the numbers 666 lurking below the surface of the walls!

A succession of villains worthy of any rogues gallery of serial killers has resided there recently, beginning with LBJ. Here indeed was an arch nemesis worthy of Shakespeare. What dark and sinister forces conspired to place him in power, we may never know. With his henchmen, a calculating group of educated elites and corporate cronies, he wrecked several small Southeast Asian countries while killing millions. Surrounded by war criminals like Robert McNamara and General Westmoreland, LBJ strode the West Wing, haunted not by the ghost of Hamlet but by the assassinated JFK. Sadly, such is the overwhelming power of the resident evil--to protect all its offspring from criminal charges--that none are ever imprisoned long. Instead, even those indicted are later showered with accolades, awards, radio shows, lucrative public appearances and book deals.

The Nixon residency of evil featured duplicity and lies comparable to that of the Lyndon Johnson regime. Nixon's chief henchman, the diabolical doctor death himself, Henry Kissinger, won a peace prize. Unbelievably, that the whited scepulchre on the Potomac did not crack at the foundation and fall, as did the House of Usher, testifies to the structural power, the adhesive might of the demonocracy within the building.

With the ascension of Reagan/Bush, the evil spread dramatically, especially to Central America, causing millions of casualties, adroitly concealed within the masquerade of "democracy." Taking command with as much assurance as the devil seated on the cornice of Herod's temple, tempting Jesus, the new administration invented the masterful slogan--"it's morning in America"--replete with diabolical double meaning for those Salvadorans, Nicaraguans and Hondurans about to be mourning.

Several purported eyewitnesses allege, however, that a month before the election, George HW Bush met in secret in Paris with representatives of the sinister Ayatollah Khomeini regime, to broker a deal to release the hostages after, not before, the election, in exchange for weapons outlawed by the US State Department. Dubbed the October Surprise, the clever ruse, if that is what happened, swept Carter from office and installed the former head of the CIA in 1600 for the next eight years. This Immaculate Deception helped nurture a war between Iran and Iraq, bolstering the regimes of both Khomeini and Saddam Hussein. The war that resulted, assisted by the nefarious arms deals by the Reagan/Bush administration to both sides and the encouragement of the resident evil of 1600, cost 1,000,000 men their lives.

Not to be outdone by his predecessors in the evil department, The Man from Hope rose to office through the University of Evil itself, Yale, (as did both Bushmasters). Smoother than Lucifer and twice as seductive, Bill Clinton had his femme fatales, Janet Reno and Madeline Albright, make many of the diabolical decisions that led to the death of not hundreds but hundreds of thousands. Waco, Texas was small scale compared to the genocide of health sanctions against the regime of former Reagan/Bush partner-in-crime, Saddam Hussein. When asked if an estimated 500,000 deaths of Iraqi children under the age of five wasn't a steep price to pay in sanctions, Albright replied, "We think the price is worth it."

Thus we come to the George W. Bush era. Surrounded by Reagan/Bush henchmen Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bolton, et al, this minion of evil may yet outshine them all. Not content to allow a terrorist attack on New York City, the Bush/Cheney diabolical duo decided to launch pre-emptive terrorist attacks on Baghdad and surrounding urban areas, resulting in an estimated 100,000 Iraqi deaths and 16,000 US casualties. With four more years of unlimited power, the potential evil--destruction, death and moral decay--may yet surpass that of fellow Texan, LBJ.

Understandably, the propaganda blitz of willing accomplices in the media--the scribes and Pharisees Jesus raged against--make the work of the residents of evil much easier. But then, wasn't it former CIA Director William Colby who said: "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." Without the willing media accomplices and the millions of fervent faithful in the Red zone, the powerful spell of evil might be broken. One can only hope and pray.

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