Rats Abandoning the Sinking Ship


Faster than a crack whore pouncing on a twenty-dollar bill, the rats are abandoning the sinking ship. First it was Attorney General John Ashcroft and Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans to submit their resignations. Today there are four more rats tendering their resignations, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Secretary of Education Rod Paige, Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman, and Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham.

This is only the beginning, rumor is that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and others will be leaving as well. The war criminals are scurrying like the disgusting rodents they are; seems that no one wants to be around when it comes time to answer for the crimes that they have committed.

All of the lies that were told for the reason to initiate force on another sovereign country have now been proven to be just that, lies. No one can deny that Saddam Hussein was a madman; but are our madmen any less mad? Again, this is just another case of, 'my god is better than your god' and I am willing to kill you to prove it.

Where will the next holy war be, Iran , Syria , Korea . . . Canada ? This is never going to end; it will just keep relocating to somewhere new. There will always be a boogieman to jump out and scream boo at just the right time, which will undoubtedly correspond to the latest approval ratings.

The war on terror has been just as effective as any other war on humanity. Whether it is drugs, prostitution, pornography or any other war that the war criminals decide to fight, it is really nothing more than a war on the human race.

The wars will continue, but there will be no victor. How do you win a war when there is no one to surrender? Are drug users, prostitutes and pornographers going to wave the white flag in defeat? Who is in charge of these people to surrender in the first place? For a war to be won, you first must have someone in charge who is capable of surrendering. The reason the war on terror will never be won is because there is no head to chop off; there is no one in charge. The insurgent's plan is simple; it's called the chaos theory. If there is no one in charge, then who would be able to surrender? One group might agree to surrender, but since no one is in charge, that group could not speak for others. This is why guerrilla warfare will always win over chain of command warfare.

The United States will continue to flex its muscle because it can; who is there to challenge them? We were a lot safer when Russia was a viable threat. During the Cold War, we were not able to plunder as we are today because we were not the only bully on the block. Having another superpower was in some ways good, because it kept each other in check. With no checks in place, the 900 pound gorilla is out of its cage and running wild.

The beast is soon going to have a problem financing its war on humanity. The dollar is losing ground daily as the rest of the world learns that our 'money' is nothing more than a farce, and has nothing backing it up but the word of the United States government. Would you buy a used car from these people? With no money left to finance the war machine, the war criminals will be out of business.

Maybe there will be no need for a revolution at all; maybe the government leviathan will simply implode? Unable to convince the rest of the world of their moral, economic, military, and religious superiority, they will simply wither on the vine. I personally would prefer that their demise be self- inflicted.

The rest of the world is watching as we sell 'Democracy' to them at the end of a gun barrel. They don't seem to be buying it, which is more than I can say for the sheep in the United States. Maybe this war will have a positive effect after all. Maybe people will finally see the scam that is Democracy.

So the rats are abandoning the sinking ship. The USS Democracy is about to set sail for new countries to plunder and they will have some new faces on board. Bon voyage!

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