The People Have Spoken


The real wonder should not be how a fascist like Bush beat out a socialist like Kerry, but instead the mindset of the people. The people have spoken! Or at least 51% of 55% percent have, anyway. Democracy has proven once again that it is nothing more than nine wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.

I keep hearing people say that 'the people have spoken.' But have they really? It has been estimated that 55% of the people eligible to vote stumbled to the polls in this election. With roughly half of the vote going to each Republicrat, that means only about 27% of the people have spoken. Even less if you consider we are only talking about 'eligible' voters.

Democracy rests on the false premise that a particular 'majority' of individuals can do whatever it wishes to a particular 'minority' or single individual by right of a vote. Our current form of government is not only dangerous to individual Liberty , but to society as a whole in that it manifests itself on an inefficient form of Social-Democratic mob rule. You cannot keep personal freedom in an environment where 50.1% of the voting public can tell the rest of the population what to do.

As I said earlier, the real wonder should be the mindset of the people. They voted overwhelmingly for less rights, less freedoms and less Liberty ; and instead embraced more tyranny, more fascism and more war. Look at some of the other votes that were cast across the country. A 'majority' of people actually liked an amendment that banned gays from having the same rights as anyone else. Of course, Bush will now see this as a mandate and try to get this passed on a national level, amending the Constitution to exclude a certain group of people from enjoying the same rights as anyone else. We are supposed to think of this as freedom, of course!

Yes this truly is a sign of the times, and it is a pretty fucking scary one, too! Now that Bush truly does have nothing to worry about since he cannot be re-selected, we are all in for a Christian-Conservative-Right-Freak show. If you thought Patriot Act I was fun, hold on to your ass, you haven't seen anything yet!

Don't get me wrong; I was not a fan of Kerry, mind you. I guess I was just looking forward to having the boot move to the other side of my face, to give the right side a rest. I guess after four years of fascism, socialism actually seemed like a desired break. Be afraid; be very afraid!

Well, country shopping no longer seems like an option but a necessity now. I would much rather watch the carnage and suffering from a place where I will just be able to hear about it, and not be a part of it. Maybe someplace warm like Costa Rica ? Yes, I can almost see it now, palm trees, ocean, bare breasted women, and margaritas! Good-bye Amerika, may your chains rest lightly upon you!

The people have spoken, and we all should heed their words!

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