Let"s Kill the Blondes!

On Saturday, May 21st, while on my way to an appointment with a client, I had the pleasure of listening to "The Bill Postmus Show" on KIXW 960AM here in my hometown of Victorville, in the People's Republic of California . The show is hosted by a fine young Republican gentleman by the name of Anthony Adams. For those who obviously aren't aware, Bill Postmus is the 1st District Supervisor for the County of San Bernardino, and Anthony Adams works in his office as a senior analyst. I suppose being a senior analyst is better than being a junior, sophomore or freshman analyst. What prompted me to call was the conversation they were having regarding Iraq , prison photos and I suppose war in general. To be honest, I only caught the last 40 or so minutes of the show. I called to ask whether Supervisor Postmus was in favor of forced conscription. Why do I give a shit what Supervisor Postmus thinks of the upcoming Universal Conscription Act? Well, it makes for great radio! I love talk radio and I love to be the guy who is on the other side of the fence, always. The fact of the matter is that if I wanted to argue and give an opinion in favor of the draft, I could do so quite convincingly. I could do so, either in speaking or writing, and I could do so no matter the radio show or its host. I can take the "Liberal" position or the "Conservative" position. But I don't. I take my position. I am an extremely experienced talk radio caller, and as such I have been hung up on by more hosts than you would care to shake a stick at. I've called Rush Limbaugh three times over the years as a young Libertarian, and to Rush's credit, he never once hung up on me or called me any names. And that's the part when you know you've got 'em! Whenever a talk radio host has to call you names or hang up on you regarding the subject matter of your question or inquiry and the ensuing debate that is the magical point in which you can truly say . . . gotcha! Recently I was banned from calling "The Barbara Stanton Show" on the same station. That's a whole 'nother article altogether. Anyway, Mr. Postmus was kind enough to inform me that we do not have forced conscription, where people are rounded up, handed a gun, and sent that-a-way, as many were during the Civil War. I wonder if Private Eddie Slovak had an opinion regarding forced conscription. Anthony and I began to debate law and morality. It's Anthony's position, based on our Constitution, that if a law was contemplated, voted on, passed by both houses of Congress, signed by the President, and then adjudicated in courts that hold the obvious and final decision, God help us, then left to the Supreme Court, that would regale all blondes to inferior status immediately and that their executions should take place post haste, well then that's it, that's the process. I am not kidding you. He actually stated this over the public airwaves! To his credit, Anthony stated that at times he finds the idea of morally repugnant notions and ideas becoming law distasteful. That's his opening and weakness, in that he leaves the door open to allow for some distasteful law and clearly displays the fallacy of his argument as well as the makeup of his backbone. I mean, to throw your hands up and say, "Oh well, that's the system"? Some argument. Its people like Anthony who wind up stuffed in railcars for their final trip home. It's people like me who know they would rather live free or die, knowing their final trip home is coming one day anyway. Give me liberty or give me death resonates very well with me. I prefer the opposite argument, obviously. I believe that the Article in the Fifth and its provision that an individual not be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process is as clear as crystal. If you believe there is anything vague about that statement, then you are an idiot. Anthony obviously believes that due process also includes the legislative process. I believe that due process involves court action only. As a anarchist, I also believe that it is a fallacy that the state may lay claim to this due process, and that it is the right and responsibility of the wronged or injured parties or individuals to seek justice and restitution. I'll leave it to you to decide who's right and who's wrong and whose definition of due process is correct, mine or Anthony's. It should be made clear that I believe it is Anthony's position and opinion, and that of people like him and that think like him, that has led to the death of millions of individuals and the destruction of the way of life for hundreds of millions of people and their property, all by way of ignorance, fallacy, the false notion of rights and the failure of people who wished for one more day and one more breath of life as trade-off for fighting back and defending themselves. It is my position that in the 1930s, Jews by law were allowed to be discriminated against by the government law and by non-Jews alike, by way of direct action, much as blacks were discriminated against during the 19th and early 20th Century history of this country. Guns were made illegal for all in Nazi Germany and gas chambers resulted, all the by product of illegal state activity and the failure of the general public to stand together for individual rights. So with that said, let's kill all the blondes! PS: Do me a favor and drop Anthony a note. Tell him how you feel. Better yet, if you are so inclined, give Anthony a call. He can be reached at (909) 387-4830. Let him know I'm not the only one who believes and understands this: that you believe that you are Sovereign to all forms of nefarious government law and that you believe you are only subject to God's law. For, as you know, that is the law by which you will be JUDGED.

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