Government Education Is Evil, Period


"If you give the bureaucrats the children, you might as well give them everything else as well."

~ J. Gresham Machem, Princeton Theological Seminary, "Testimony before the House & Senate Committees on the Proposed Department of Education (1926)"

Government Education - The last great hope for conservatives and liberals who want to indoctrinate and shape tomorrow's future at the expense and control of the People.

Government Education - The single biggest fraud thrown by the State on the backs of taxpayer-serfs enchained by insidious fears of children unlearned, untrained and . . . free.

There are pages and pages of conservative writings that rant and complain of evils in government education: not enough prayer, too much homosexuality, not enough Creationism. They are only outmatched in their foolishness by their witless counterparts who rant and complain about other evils that exist: too much religion, not enough sexual diversity, not enough evolution.

But where Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum cannot agree, they make amends in their voracious consumption of what they desire most: the growth and power of the State in the spending of education and the regulation of our children's lives.

But don't think that it just stops there. The same government that throws children into the pigpens of illiteracy and mis-education is the same government that will later throw them into jails and detention centers based on unjust laws and wicked lies of self-reformation and paying debts to society, i.e. the State.

Tweedle Dee and Dum come running along to demand more prisoner's amenities, more gyms, high school education, spiritual evangelism and entertainment at the expense of our family savings. The wicked duo, who would make a big business out of scamming our children, have made a big business out of locking them up when they grow up (if that's what you call it).

It is no use wasting our time hearing those who worship the State cry how much money is thrown at education, when they themselves turn around and shovel more money into the fire for their own illicit pursuits. The answer to our education holocaust is not smaller classes, more computers, more after-school programs or "No Child Left Behind" by the State's mandatory child enslavement. The only answer is the denouncement of government education as evil, and its subsequent elimination.

The campaign to end government education needs to start around our dinner tables--it needs to spread to our pulpits and community centers and end with raucous finales at our town halls. Don't worry about state governors and their fiefdoms. Don't even bother with the federal president and his kingdom. The best thing we can do at this time to stop his diabolical meddling with our children is to just ignore him. The next best thing we can do is to start an education revolution right in our own backyards.

There are pages and pages of writing on homeschooling and alternative education methods that correctly demonstrate the superiority and advantages of children fleeing government education. But the point of this article is not to show why government education is inferior, lacking or misguided.

Government education is evil, period.

For though I might dissect and examine every individual aspect of government education and prescribe some traditional remedy or social program to cure those ills, we must come to the one necessary conclusion: that the whole body of thought is corrupt--the cadaver is incurable--the dead must bury their own dead.

It is easy to argue that government is best suited for our common defense or the punishment of violent criminals, and that education logically best belongs in the market. Yet, that is not the answer, for this is not a debate between what is good and better. It is a matter of right and wrong. Government education is evil.

One can say that we can push and plead for a homeschooling or private school utopia or at least learn to live with our government education friends. Yet, that is not the answer, for the tentacles of government will always extend and reach us in our homes, our schools and our wallets regardless of how much we stick our heads in the sand. Government education is evil.

When one group of people (politicians) tells another group of people (people who earn money) that the government will dictate education and fund that endeavor at people's expense, we are faced with the very bowels of tyranny. No, it is not the posh, snuff-box tyranny of red-coats and tartans coming across to the sea to tell us we are American slaves in chains. It is the tyranny of our own common neighbors, to our own shame. We elect them with ballots and encourage them with acquiescent submission every time the town taxman cometh to demand we cough up more money.

If taxes on tea and stamps without our approval was theft and tyranny, then how much more so is an education tax? The difference is that in 1776, the tea didn't need to learn how to read and the stamps did not become little, obedient servants of the State.

We are well beyond good old Tom Jefferson's na've and misguided idea to establish a public school in Virginia for the poorest and most destitute of children. (Never trust a politician.) We have taken another Welfare Program and turned it on its head so that the State has assumed dictatorial powers to mandate education and usurp the privileges and duties of parents.

How pathetic and destitute is the Grand Old Republic when we criticize other nation-states for manipulating the young and old through the machinations of government education, and we do the same ourselves! We scoffed at Fidel Castro when he filled up stadiums with little, Cuban children holding candlelight vigils for Elian Gonzalez. We stared down the North Koreans who mind control their people into an eternal showdown while they starve by the thousands. Yet, American kids are by far the most illiterate, overdrugged, overweight and intellectually malnourished of any developed nation. But all is not lost, friends, for these kids have been taught how to be good citizens!

For those who believe in the Creator, He who endowed each individual with unalienable rights never to be stolen or taken by a government, we must wake up and realize that we are already under God's judgment.

Shame on Christian and non-Christian families who advocate and take advantage of forced taxation to school their own children! Shame on those who subject their children to State Worship and the Pledge of Allegiance that belongs to no man or man-made government! Shame, woe and condemnation on those who would take God's Name and force others to believe as you do by using the police powers of the state and the endless coffers of tax revenues!

Government education is evil, and believe no politician, education expert, minister or policeman who tells you otherwise. Is not the hope of posterity enough reason and justification to pull ourselves away from this government scam and tear down these wicked walls of enslavement and tyranny?

Will you help liberate and free our children from the concentration camps of mind control and civil obedience? Will you gladly pay your property taxes next pay period and thank your town neighbors for the extortion of your hard earned money?

If there is any level of government that is accessible and is ripe for the dismantling of power and corruption, it is our towns. If we cannot do this, what hope do we have challenging our nefarious governors and the out-of-control federal presidents?

Here are some suggestions. Consider the Separation of School and State Alliance, the Free Town Project in New Hampshire inspired by the Free State Project, or start your own education revolution today in your own backyard.

If we want our country and our people free, we must begin with our children and we must destroy the biggest scam of all: Government Education.

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