Government: Crude Dude, Out of My Life


Hey government--I was born here and told I was free and for many years, it seemed like I was. And it wasn't a special privilege for me, it was for Americans, native-born and legally naturalized. Now you have an agency to butt into everything I do, say, type, eat, and you don't want me blowing smoke from big stogies to pollute and air--never mind that I'm allergic to diesel exhaust to the point of having to avoid driving behind buses or get too sick to stay at the wheel. Diesels are fine, they pollute the air for a good cause or something, but did you take note of my breakfast this morning? Fried eggs, bacon and pancakes with several cups of coffee. (And lest my delicate lady readers really think I light up big stogies, no, in fact I can't stand the smell of cigar smoke but I'll fight for the right of cigar smokers to smoke them and I don't like the way Clinton used them for non-smoking.) And I like the smell of some aromatic pipe smoke. That used to be the sign of a pensive, intellectual fella, not a whack public enemy. The problem with Americans is that they believe too much of what the media publishes to give a good cause to hide a very bad one, and that is control. Sneaky laws and regulations have been passed as to what you can do with your land, and it wouldn't take a lot of media propaganda for non-landowners to begin to hate land owners as an enemy of the state and hence, "the people." Haven't you noticed that Communist nations are always labeled "the People's Republic of Quagazan" or something like that? They're always peoples' republics and the people are the most dispensable, disposable commodity in such states. But to continue my rant. Now, to my dear goofball sanctimonious "Christian" friends, who add all sorts of crud to the Bible that the writers didn't write, you were so happy when Prohibition came in . . . but you didn't exactly like the Mafia and violence that came with it. Now I wasn't around in those days but my parents were, and I heard all about Prohibition! It was a control flop and had to be rescinded. Now, goodie-two-shoes hypocrites who think you don't sin every day in word, thought and deed, hear this: it isn't going to be too difficult for the government and the special interest groups promoting the one-world religion to get the human mindset targeting Christians as enemies of the state. Of course, a lot of you already belong to mega churches and liberal churches that doubt the Bible anyway, you merely want a fire insurance policy and you'll be the first in line to go along with the "tolerant" new world religion and push the Lord Jesus Christ back into the manger. For you . . . there IS a place. Lots of smoke there, too, I understand. Now for the rest of you BB brains who think we need a nanny state to take away freedom of choice and protect us from ourselves rather than teaching the irreversible laws of cause and effect, hear this: you've put up with required seatbelts, required helmets, illegal taxes for wild government spending, state control of children rather than parental control, government determination of what constitutes "education" when we all knew what education was 40-50 years ago, so how much more are you going to put up with? When do you say "freedom was better even if some people didn't have sense enough to make the right decisions?" You won't? You love government control? You are about to have the greatest time of your life enjoying government control, surveillance, lack of privacy, "hate" crimes (like all crime isn't hate?) and the thought police. When things happen to your neighbor, he deserved it. When they come for YOU, ohmygawd, you have your rights. Haha. Tell it to the magistrate in charge. Mumble it on the way to your cell as they drag you away. There are already reported cases of judges refusing to hear the constitutional grounds of a targeted individual's defense. More are on the way. It so happens that the English-speaking world that gave us the Magna Carta and the Constitution of the United States, a constitutional monarchy in England and the commonwealth, have become so socialized now they don't even know they're socialist countries. A few do, and New Zealand, according to one of my netfriends, is now one of the most repressive governments on earth, with Canada and the United States following in a dead heat for second. With the other English-speaking countries, however, the people seemed to know for what they were opting. In the US, it's just stupidity that allows the mind control without the people ever giving a thought to the consequences of taking freedom from others, whether it be the use of their land, the planting or removing of trees, the horrid conditions in government-funded schools and the warped curricula being taught from revisionist books on America's proud history of productivity and individual ingenuity. Our founders, for the most part, felt that the least government was the best government, and the 10th amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights to ensure limits on what the federal government could do. Our founders knew that the farther removed from government the people became, the more skullduggery could be wrought by the government without the people's informed consent or even knowledge. Our leaders were to be public servants, not a privileged class of professional politicians who lived on perks you and I will never even imagine in our lifetimes. Someone emailed me the other day, asking if I still lived in the United States. Apparently this person thought that to write what I do, I must have taken refuge in another nation, and perhaps it will come to that, but globalism has a stranglehold everywhere. So does debauchery. I read the other day that the Swedes are now enjoying more sex with animals. That is just plain sick! Any nation that tolerates organizations like NAMBLA, teaches homosexuality to children who should be learning history, math, science and spelling, has a moral cancer and it's spreading rapidly. But the government dictates all this tolerance that tears down morality and the concept of the family unit. They set the standards for what shall be taught. They provided the framework and incentive for the "zero tolerance" that gets children suspended from school for a one-inch plastic toy gun. When the public at large is so confused over right and wrong, it's no problem to target any group for a hate campaign while promoting anti-hate laws to target other groups for protesting. Confusing? Of course. Mixed messages are a tool of globalism. Government, you are a crude, rude dude with no respect for the people and no limits on your ambitions for power. Just move aside and get out of my life. Don't go inspecting my bacon and eggs, my bagels with cream cheese, or my fried shrimp. I might get angry enough to go buy a seven-inch cigar and light it up at the next Sierra Club meeting I can find. Or in the state capitol elevator.

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Dorothy Anne Seese is retired and lives in Sun City, Arizona.  She majored in political science at UCLA in the mid-1950s.  Her website is here.