Friends Don't Let Friends Vote!


We have all heard the mantra before: "If you don't vote, you can't complain." Well I disagree, I think it's just the opposite: "If you vote, you can't complain." By voting, you are legitimizing the system. You are giving your stamp of approval that you will accept the outcome because you agreed to it. If it does not turn out like you had hoped, you have no right to complain, because that would make you a sore loser.

Whenever I am in hot debate with the neurologically challenged, I have found this to be a good example: If I were having lunch with you, and in the middle of lunch I were to stand up and announce to everyone in the restaurant that you were buying everyone's lunch, I am sure you would take issue with that. What about if I agreed to put it up for a vote, would that make it fair? If you agree to accept the result, then you are therefore legitimizing it, and agreeing to the outcome.

On the other hand, if you were to say it is not up for a vote, I am not buying; I don't care what everyone else thinks, well then you would have every right to complain if I tried to coerce you into paying. By not agreeing to participate in the vote, you have not legitimized it, and therefore have every right to complain, and should. The sheep cannot seem to grasp this concept.

Democracy is nine wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. The State loves to promote the scam of Democracy so the sheep will think they have a say in who runs the State. In fact, most sheep believe they are the State. Butler Shaffer does a brilliant job of explaining this in "A Holiday For Fools" where he talks about an ancient society that would elect a King (Fool) for the day.

Today it is not that different. People still believe that they are the State, and have a say in what happens. The so-called two party system is an enormous charade that gives people the illusion that they have a choice. I love listening to one Republicrat arguing with another Republicrat about an issue such as taxation. Neither one seeing the bigger picture of it being theft, but instead arguing at what rate it should be. The one who calls himself a Democrat thinks it should be at 49.99%, and the one who calls himself the Conservative thinks it should be at 49.98%, both simply disagreeing about the rate of theft only.

Time after time, election after election, Democrat after Republican, nothing has changed. Government always gets elected, and it always grows larger. The sheep have very short memories and cannot remember the lies that were told just four years earlier. One side blames the other for the failures of both of their abortive administrations.

As in "A Holiday For Fools," it is easy to see that a fool really can be defined as a person who keeps responding to the same situation in the same way, expecting a different result. The next "feast for fools" is creeping its way upon us, and the sheep are anxiously awaiting the call to stumble into the voting booths. Like rats that are being summoned by the Pied Piper, the sheep will soon emerge from their dark caves and scurry to the polls.

I must admit I do find all of this amusing in a sick-disturbing way. It is very humorous to drive around on Election Day and watch the fools on the side of the road holding their signs and waving as you pass. This of course is to entice you into voting for their guy. After all, if it were not for these morons holding signs, how would you know which charlatan to vote for?

If you have friends who still participate in the farce, it is your duty as a friend to persuade them to find something better to fritter away their time on. I am starting a campaign to deter voting. Just as the campaign to deter drunk driving used the slogan "Friends don't let friends drive drunk," I am starting a grass roots campaign to teach people "Friends don't let friends vote."

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