Four More Years


Four more years! That's what Bush says he needs to take care of all of our problems, just four more years. Of course the sheep have not thought to question what about the first four years? This would require a thought process, which the sheep do not have. He has 'big plans' for this country in the next four years, and he needs our help to achieve them. If only we would give him four more years, then all would be well again!

John Kerry says that he only needs four years too; he has his own 'big plans.' If we could only see that he is the man for the job, he could cure all the ills of the world with four years. Four years seems to be the magic time frame, but we obviously have not found the right man for the job yet. Maybe this time we will? Yes, this time for sure!

I have been watching and listening to this crap since the days of Nixon. Every four years another loser steps up to the plate and tells us that all he needs is four years, and the previous loser claims that he just needs four more years. When will the sheeple learn? How many times do you have to be screwed? How many four more years will it take?

Every election cycle we are bombarded with a group of losers who claim they have all of the answers; and every election cycle a different group of losers claim their plan is better than the previous losers' plan. The real losers in all of this are really us; we are the ones who ultimately end up paying the price for four more years.

I think the reason the magic number is four years is because the sheep have a memory span of about four years. They seem to forget all of the unfulfilled promises of the previous four years, and are all too fervent to elect the same charlatans, making the same promises.

Why would anyone expect that someone with any honor would run for President, anyway? Who but a power hungry, egotistical, megalomaniac would want the job in the first place? Anyone with even a shred of decency could never be elected, because it requires lies, deception, and criminal intent to even be considered a viable candidate.

The sheeple can't see that voting is stupid and a scam in the first place. To a sheep, voting and paying taxes is some great privilege, a moral and civic duty. They actually derive enjoyment from this. No greater scam has ever been played on humanity than the illusion of Democracy.

When did mankind lose its collective mind? When did it become popular to pick our masters, think inside the box, and do as we are told? The better question is will we ever regain our dignity, character, and freedom again? Until the sheep wake up, we are all screwed!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't take four more years of either one of these losers! With six days until the next selection process, I am looking forward to the day when people like this have no more years. I hope you will all join me on November 2nd and just say no to voting.

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Mike Wasdin is an Anarcho-Capitalist from Phoenix, Arizona. He also moderates an anti-government website on Yahoo.