First Chapter, First Footnote


Chalmers Johnson, the great chronicler of American Empire, has a new book out: The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic. This great title pulls no punches demonstrating the remorseless rise of American military and economic imperialism from one side of the planet to the other.

And in this important book, the very first footnote in the very first chapter approvingly cites a particular market-anarchist website. Can you guess which?

That's right. It's Strike The Root.

Specifically, Johnson quotes this article by STR author Manuel Miles.

Chalmers is a widely read author. He was largely responsible for popularizing the term blowback, the title of his previous book. As I write this, The Sorrows of Empire is a top-400 seller on Lots of people read Chalmers Johnson.

And if his footnotes are any indication, Chalmers Johnson reads Strike The Root.

Strike The Root is making an impact. Our writers are getting the word out. People's minds . . . and lives . . . are being changed. People who already agreed with us are strengthened and armed with intellectual ammunition. They tell us so all the time.

And now, Strike The Root needs your help.

STR depends on the gifts of readers like you and me -- no big foundations (or even little ones) are behind this site. Rob uses our contributions to pay for STR's overhead and to compensate authors for the original columns they write. It's a reward for people making the effort to spread the word about Market Anarchism.

Rob told me the other day that STR's finances are now in the red. Whether it's the economy or the elections or something else entirely, giving to STR is below normal.

This at a time when Strike The Root is one of the most popular market anarchist sites.

It's exciting to know that influential authors like Chalmers Johnson recognize the quality and usefulness of Strike The Root. But even more important are the thousands of people who visit STR every week. They're the ones who carry the Market Anarchist message to their offices, their schools, their homes.

How much is STR worth to you? Does it educate, inspire, reassure ... or infuriate you with the latest Stupid Politician Tricks?

Please help STR grow and reach even more people. How? By giving a gift. Every dollar you give goes straight into Strike The Root -- Rob doesn't take a dime of it for himself.

Giving a gift is quick and easy, and you can give any amount you want, from a lot to a little.

Strike The Root is more visible than ever, thanks in part to Chalmers Johnson and his book. But at the same time, our finances are really, really tight. This is a time when we should be expanding!

Let's not leave Rob with no alternatives but to cut back. Please join me in supporting Strike The Root as generously as you can.

As always, donors who give $50 or more will receive a really cool Strike The Root T-shirt as our thanks (but sizes are very limited). But whatever amount you can give, know that Rob and I appreciate your partnership very much.

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