The Enemy Is the State


The quadrennial farce known as the US presidential election has come and gone again. While many people, both in the US and the international community, are moaning the results of the selection of Bush over Kerry, people who are truly anti-state, anti-war, and pro-market realize there was no difference in either selection. Whenever there are elections, the state always wins--people who value freedom, peace, and the free market always lose.

A quick recap of the two candidates' similarities should dispel the myth that there was a choice that would make a difference. Bush was the top lackey of the state, and wanted at least four more years, to advance the Imperial agenda of Rome on the Potomac . Kerry was the faithful sub lackey of the state, who fully supported all the state mischief and mayhem, and thought that he deserved the top lackey spot. Kerry's whole campaign was run on the idea that he could better carry out the state's acts of terrorism, both domestically and internationally, better than Bush, and fool more people, both in the US and the international community, into supporting the crimes of the US state empire.

While many complain that Bush stole the election again, true lovers of freedom and the free market realize that all elections are stolen. Even if all votes are honestly counted so that vote fraud is not a factor, the results are still fraudulent in that they give the state an authority and power over individuals that each individual did not grant or agree to. Voting is just another form of collectivism that destroys individuality and freedom. Hopefully, with the fiasco of untraceable electronic voting, more people will see that the state has no legitimacy, and that the solution is not voting reform, but the destruction of the fraud known as the state.

Many complain about how almost 60 million Americans could be so stupid as to vote for Bush. Aside from the fact that it is impossible to know how many actually voted for Bush because of the widespread possibility of untraceable voter fraud, the real issue is how over 115 million American could be so stupid as to vote for either Bush or Kerry. That people flocked to support either yes man for the state is the real tragedy. The only voting people should participate in is the Vote to Impeach.

Some seem to have forgotten ' The State is the Enemy

Unfortunately, many of those who should be at the forefront of leading the battle against the state have succumbed to unwittingly supporting the state. Though they claim to be anti-state, anti-war, and pro-market, they have openly published articles supporting the election of Bush or Kerry, Democrats versus Republicans, liberal versus conservative. Some even openly support the state wars in Iraq and Afghanistan , and the state war on terror (truly a misnomer ' state war of terror is more appropriate).

Many seem to have forgotten that Leviathan is a two-headed monster. No matter what you label one head, such as Bush, Republicans, or conservatives, and whatever label you give to the other head, such as Kerry, Democrats, or liberals, by supporting one over the other, you are inadvertently supporting the state. Now that the mass hysteria of the state breeding season--otherwise known as the national elections'is over, hopefully more freedom-loving people will see the error of their ways and get back to opposing the state in all its manifestations.

What is laughable is the notion, advanced by some libertarian pundits, that promotes the idea that Democrats and liberals make better libertarians than Republicans or conservatives. This collectivist claptrap thinking is completely erroneous. What makes an individual person suited for being a champion of freedom and the free market is their own personal conviction on these matters, not some label others may attach to them. Ron Paul, congressman from Texas , with his Project Freedom website, is a perfect example of that. Maybe libertarians need to consider this quote from L. Neil Smith on 'Who is a libertarian?': "A libertarian is a person who believes that no one has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being, or to advocate or delegate its initiation. Those who act consistently with this principle are libertarians, whether they realize it or not. Those who fail to act consistently with it are not libertarians, regardless of what they may claim." (bold emphasis mine).

Many libertarians now long for what they mistakenly call the golden age of Clinton . Just four years ago, these same people were hailing the selection of Bush as being the savior from the Clinton regime. I guess these libertarians forget that the Clintonistas waged wars of aggression, but with international backing (NATO and the UN), and with the help of UN sanctions, are responsible for more deaths than the Bush regime. Of course the Bush regime is now trying to surpass the Clintons in their slaughter of innocents, and is now actively carrying out the policy endorsed by Kerry of flattening Fallujah. And for those who still are not convinced by this democratic bipartisan support for war crimes, but prefer a Democrat over a Republican to do the murdering and stealing for the state, remember this ' the stage is now set for the return of the Billary beast four years from now, if Bush and his criminal gang don't destroy the empire before then.

Conclusion ' The State is the Enemy

The state is the enemy. It always has been, and it will always be public enemy number one. Freedom-loving people need to remember this and always stress this point. By emphasizing partisan politics and meaningless labels, we only confuse the issue. We do not need to help the state propaganda machine, the mainstream media, by doing their job for them, to distract people from the real problem--the state.

One would have hoped, with the open criminality of the Bush administration, and its almost total bipartisan support, that most people would become aware of the danger of the state. Instead, people who should know better have been sucked into supporting partisan politics. Whichever pied piper is selected to lead the state, it will always result in going further down the highway to hell. It is time to do away with all foolish partisan politics and recognize the true enemy--the state.

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