Diana Taurasi

Taurasi . . . Diana Taurasi. Yeah, she's da bomb. What else could it be? Who in the hell is Diana Taurasi, anyway? Well, that's like asking me who in the hell is Rudi Bakhtiar? Turn on the tube. If you happen to be one of the infinitesimally few who are still able to resist the ubiquitous modern TV screen, I salute you!

Diana Taurasi is the talented and driven leader of the NCAA Woman's Champion Connecticut Huskies basketball team. If you've never heard of Taurasi, or if you've never seen her, there is a visual aura about her; compelling, animalistic, and intense. She's a full six feet of pure athletic ability and uncanny co-ordination. Taurasi is a California girl born of South American Italian immigrant parents, and, trust me, . . . Sophia Loren's got nothing on Diana Taurasi! It's all about sex appeal, and this young lady has it---in spades! That's why we watch women's sports.

"But, Potter," you say, "what has this Taurasi chick got to do with individual freedom and liberty?" Well, I'll tell you. Lurking just below the more superficial level of Taurasi's smoldering and mesmerizing eye-candy appeal, beats the heart of the exemplary individual.

It should be obvious to even the most casual observer that at very the core of Taurasi's being is the competitive drive for personal excellence. In her quest for this excellence, the ideals of dedication, sacrifice, and plain and simple, old-fashioned hard work necessarily become the tools which enable her ultimate success.

In essence, everything Diana Taurasi represents is the antithesis of the collective mentality. Governments, of course, are the personification of this collectivist mentality, a paradigm opposed to individualism since antiquity. There really is nothing new under the sun! Let's quickly review just a few of the contrasts between Taurasi, the individual, and the collective:

  • - Taurasi's apparently over-riding goal is excellence, while the collective seeks an arbitrary and numbing egalitarianism.

  • - Taurasi works tirelessly to achieve her goals, while the collectivists steal to achieve theirs.

  • - Taurasi looks within her spiritual self for strength and courage, while the collective seeks strength and courage by wielding the biggest guns.

  • - Taurasi seeks to improve her associates through understanding, co-operation, and hard work (that again?!?), while the collective seeks the same through instilling fear, terror, and intimidation wielding the biggest guns.

    - The fruits of Taurasi's labors have produced widespread gratification, satisfaction, and joyful affirmation, while the seeds of the collective historically yield the bitter fruits of misery, destruction, degradation, disgust, and loathing.

Yeah . . . Diana Taurasi. She's da bomb!

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