Chilling Effect of Hate Legislation Poisons Business and the Web


Abusive governments, such as most of us suffer under, need to control their subjects. One way they do this is to pass laws that attempt to dictate not only our actions, but also how we think and feel. Hate laws attempt to do just that. And now that Big Brother, suppressive attitude has found its way into the internet and the business world. It has blocked me from doing business with an advertising company of which I have been a client.

I have been doing business with for about the last six months. The other day I tried to place an ad with them for my site at My payment was refunded and I received an email explaining why. The 'reason' given in their email for refusing to do business with me and is, 'Your website has been reviewed and rejected due to content which is determined to be unacceptable. We do not allow hate text against religion, race, or persons of religion or authority.' I emailed them right back asking what 'hate text' they were referring to. After waiting for a response for over a day, I sent them another email asking the same question. They are ignoring me.

In a recent column for Strike The Root, I referenced a quote from the Bible that demonstrates this fear-based mentality that motivates, and the hate laws so many state governments have written into existence. The quote is from Romans 13: 1-6. It instructs those who believe in the Bible to obey the government and describes persons of governmental authority as 'the minister of God' and 'a revenger.'

This sickening, sheepish mentality of being politically correct is contrary to progress. How can we as both individuals and as a society progress if we're afraid to criticize 'persons of religion or authority'???

Hate is an emotion. It's not really even a thought. How can governments legislate emotions?

I guess the politically correct/progressively retarded government is taking a lesson from the Bible by making their anti-hate campaign so pervasive that it will prevent those who don't tow the line from taking part in commerce. The mark of the beast will be your acceptance of governmental/religious norms and modes of behavior. Those of us who don't go along with the ministers of the Bible god will be starved out of existence. We must all smile like a bunch of Moonies selling candy on a street corner. We must only love, and never think. We must be only good consumers for corporate gougers, good taxpayers for kosher plutocrats, good placid sheep for religious charlatans, and good soldiers for hypocritical democracy.

Where would the world be if it wasn't for hate? The American Revolutionaries must have had hatred in their hearts for the government troops they were blowing the brains out of. If someone hurt my daughter or any family member, I would hate them. Hate, under the right circumstances, is a positive emotion. If you don't hate what is destructive and bad, how can you love what is beautiful and good? To try to destroy a natural emotion by legislation and peer pressure can only bring about bad results. The governments want to take away our hatred and our guns because they know where they want the world to be. They want a Stepford world with no one making waves. They want a Bible-based society of non-thinking drones who can be depended upon to pay their taxes and not to ask questions. A world of 'good citizens.' It seems they are well on their way to achieving their repulsive goal.

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